Insomnia by Oh Well

Oh Well is a one-piece progressive EDM project based in Chicago, Illinois. Their debut project “Forging a False Reality” combines hard-hitting drum & bass beats with orchestral swells to create a unique backdrop for thoughtful lyrics that intrigue the soul.

This dramatic piece creates an intense, rhythmic, driving, angular sound that is quite contemporary;. The rich and resonant brass and the crisp and exact percussion dominate the scene throughout, as the main theme is somewhat developed. This composition would make a good concert opener.

“One can feel his own frustration when he is unable to sleep”

The bass and electric guitar are smooth and fitting throughout this track. the whole arrangements complement each other and work really well with lyrics and theme.

“Insomnia,” along with a gripping music video, captures the frustration and anxiety of struggling to sleep at night. Freshness of sound, absence of musical clichés, colorful work, use of sonorous pedal-points, the crisp and intense combination leads to a warm mood of the track.

“Insomnia” is on most major platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. Follow Oh Well on Instagram for updates on new releases.

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