Inspiring and talented music artist Prime 1

If you talk about inspiration, talent and dedication, then PRIME 1 is one of those artists who comes to mind. Within a short span of time, he has achieved so much due to his music skills, love and passion for music. He was born in Los Angeles, Cali on November 11,1983 as Brandon Jermaine Foster.

Even though his early life was tough and rough, both of his parents were drug users leaving him to witness too much domestic violence growing up. He started smoking weed and became a young banger in his jr school. Nothing was on track, father passed away while he was still young, forcing him to move to different places with only a single parent.

Music came into his life as a rescuer. Luckily, he was in the 90’s Era when music, particularly rap music was in its bloom. He was then inspired enough to take a plunge into it by starting as a gospel rapper and stuck with it for a while. That helped him to develop his music skills and also come over his personal deficiencies.

After 6 years of gospel, it opened up to him that it was time to go mainstream. Inspired by artists such as Bone Thugs, Do or Die, Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube, Eazy E, Nas, Jay Z, Outkast and Wu Tang, he followed their path and took inspiration from each of them, particularly from Bone Thugs. He started his music career quite seriously with a goal to be a big name recording artist and to become legendary.

As a mainstream artist, he started his career as ” Prime 1”. By asking, we came to know that he took this name from “Prime Time”, and just removed time and added the #1 to it, meaning the main event of prime time. Since then, he has never looked back and through his dedication and love for music, he’s won the hearts of his fans and impressed the music critics as well.

He has also proved himself as a good performer. As he put on numerous shows in Cali, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, he has opened up for Too Short, Bone Thugs and a couple times for Bizzy Bone as well, very impressive!!

Violence and drugs are no longer a part of his life. He has changed himself altogether. And surely music played a big role. He is fully committed to his work now, making him different from other artists and that’s the reason we took time and wrote about him on our blog today. We are sure you will enjoy his music.

For music and further updates on Prime 1, you can visit his following links!
LinkdIn user: (Brandon Foster)
Facebook user: (Brandon Foster)
Instagram user: (@Prime1music)
SoundCloud user: (Prime 1 Redefined)
Pinterest user: (Prime 1)
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