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Instagram Errors: What Musicians Need To Avoid

Instagram can be a very helpful platform for musicians. However, it is crucial that they learn how to use it right. Most of the errors are not serious mistakes, which means they can be remedied. The following includes the most prevalent mistakes that musicians make on Instagram, along with a few ways to help correct the situation.

1. Hashtags

Hashtags are tricky. You need to use them if you want Instagram to work for you. However, if you use them too much, you will turn people off.

Hashtags are essential in helping you to connect with people and get attention for your posts. If you hashtag a certain phrase, like “hot new music,” someone searching for that phrase could come across your group.

However, there is no reason to have your entire post filled with hashtags. If you use one, it needs to have meaning. If you are just throwing hashtags up there for the sake of doing it, you are going to turn people off. That is obviously the opposite of what you are trying to do with your account, so be careful.

2. Pictures

When you put up an image, make sure there is meaning behind it. For example, give your followers exclusive images of things they might not ordinarily be able to see. Give them a “tour” of your bus, for example. Show off a meet and greet event that you held. Your pictures are what will capture their attention, so make sure they are good. Add some initial views with Vibbi and that will encourage the natural ones to arrive.

3. Connections

Someone becomes a follower because they want to know more about you and your band. Provide them with the information that they want to see. Let them know that you care about them and that you are open to showing them your life.

4. Explanations

If you post a picture, and you do not have a caption and you do not include hashtags, that image is not going to make much of an impact. Your total number of followers isn’t necessarily important. You want a fan base that engages with you and comments or likes your posts. Your role in that, however, is to put up good pictures that inspire interaction. Explain what is happening in the picture to help with that.

5. Personal Details

It is important to share some of the personal details of your life on Instagram. It is the way that other people connect with you, and it will keep them coming back to your account to see more. However, don’t go overboard. Your followers do not need to see deeply personal moments between you and your significant other, for example.

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