Interview With A Highly Skilled Songwriter Tanisha Shaefer

Today on our Hot Seat we have a talented songwriter who is highly skilled in song writing. She has written songs for various artists and these songs were so much appreciated by fans and critics as well. Let’s have a chat with here about her life,career and Songwriting.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music industry?
Tanisha Shaefer : Hi I am a Female Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter of all genres who is seeking to get signed to write for major artists. I actually got into the music when i was 16 years old. I started performing with a group and recording my own songs.

Twist Online : Was there any inspiration behind becoming a songwriter?
Tanisha Shaefer : Yes, I would defiantly say that my family situation was an inspiration because i came from nothing but the slums and a poverty neighborhood with the highest crime rate in the whole state.

Twist Online : When it comes to songwriting, is there an ideal environment for you??
Tanisha Shaefer : I don’t think there is any ideal environment, i could write songs anywhere anytime of day, and for any type of artist; i am very versatile so there is really no ideal environment. I think it would be nice to maybe sometimes write at the park or in a quiet area sometimes to hear yourself think. 

tanisha shaefer

Twist Online : How often do you set ideas aside if they aren’t working, then come back to them later?
Tanisha Shaefer : If ideas are not coming at that moment to match the title of the song, to complete the song; then i would wait maybe a couple of hours but usually i could write a potential hit song between 15-30 min.

Twist Online : As far as working with singers and producers is concerned, what kind of professional attitude you normally show?
Tanisha Shaefer : I show a very positive attitude towards producers and singers and i love to hear the quality and inspiration of their beats or music. I always encourage industry professionals and local artists in reference to their products and let them know that the sky is the limit for their career.

Twist Online : Do you write for other artist or you have written songs for yourself too?
Tanisha Shaefer : Yes, i actually have written all my songs called squad loose, freak song, goonz on deck, just to name a few, but I have also written songs for an artist called D-Money who is a very positive and inspirational artists as far as his struggle and his capability of being successful one day. I am currently working with another artist named chris who is a n R@B singer who will be recording my r@B song i written called loosing me, i cant wait he is a wonderful person to know and an outstanding artist.

Twist Online : Can you name some of your favorite songs you have written for artist ?
Tanisha Shaefer : I loved the song called what i been thru, closer than close, cant trust everybody, that i written for D-Money.

Twist Online : Do you write songs for any specific genre?
Tanisha Shaefer : No I tend to write songs for all genres such as country, hip hop, rock, r@b, etc. I’m starting to write a little more gospel sometimes now too.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre(s)?
Tanisha Shaefer : I really don’t think i have a favorite music genre, I like all types of music and i love allot of old school classics.

Twist Online : What was the easiest song you ever wrote?
Tanisha Shaefer : I would probably say the easiest song that i probably wrote would probably be the first song i ever written which was called wakeup see the sunrise.

tanisha shaefer

Twist Online : Do you see inspiration in everyday things in life?
Tanisha Shaefer : I do see inspiration in everyday things in life for instance like the smaller things in life like a flower growing, cup of coffee, children smile,etc.

Twist Online : What are your future goals you want to achieve?
Tanisha Shaefer : My future goals is to get signed to write allot of potential hit songs for upcoming and major artists, and to build a name for myself and build clientele.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media?
Tanisha Shaefer : Your fans would love to follow you.Yes I am on Social Media



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