Erwin Bauwens

Interview With Akademia Music Award Winning Artist Erwin Bauwens

We recently interviewed a 6 times Akademia Music Award winning artist Erwin Bauwens. We are sharing the conversation here with you.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music?
Erwin Bauwens : I ‘m Erwin Bauwens a pianist of education,”went to the academia for music and lyric’s Zoltan Kodaly. “in Schilde/Wijnegem/Zoersel. Belguim”

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you as an artist growing up?
Erwin Bauwens : In music you can be different, its all about the art!what inspired me. My exen the follow certain things example Nathalie Collova follows Chinese people!
Justyna Stocka follows Atlantis!
Claudia Van Linden follows English people!

So the inspiration behind this is to wright music awards and let them come on shangai, Atlanta and in London on air on the radio so those people could follow them then they follow each other end of this story, lolz.

Twist Online : You recently won your 6th akademia music award. You must be very pleased?
Erwin Bauwens : Yeah of course but I’m very down to earth!

Twist Online : How was the response to your recent album “One Moment”?
Erwin Bauwens : Every body that’s now my music, on the internet they response with a good review. And that it all what qaunts
if the enjoying them self with it.

Twist Online : Complete album is a gem. But any particular song or songs you would call “must hear”?
Erwin Bauwens : No every song is different i was enjoying my self with it.
Erwin Bauwens
Twist Online : How much credit you give to Zoltan Kodaly Music in your current achievements?
Erwin Bauwens : A lot because there in this academia I learnt a lot of creating music with out I should not understand any of setting this accords in the right particular way.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite Music Genre?
Erwin Bauwens : I don’t have any because bet i went to this academia it grows my genre. You can like the rhythm, you can like the sounds an like me a pianist you don’t need to like so much this sounds bet if the rhythm plays nice you could be satisfied
by this genre!
Twist Online : Are you working on any project? When it will be released?
Erwin Bauwens : Infact my project has finished got a new tune call’s Natalie.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Erwin Bauwens :I’m on Facebook this is the link where you can follow me.

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