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Interview With An Electro-Pop Singer ‘M.C. Pollock’

We are sharing with you our recent interview with Electro-Pop Singer ‘M.C. Pollock’. He also owns a Production Company named “Keep It Swanky”.  And he recently released his debut EP “Hearbeats”. So we had  conversation with him all about these.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music industry?
M.C. Pollock : What up I’m M.C. Pollock, electro-pop singer from NJ. My journey with music honestly began when I was a youngster.
I started up with voice lessons and in the church choir. I really got serious with music after consistently playing with my
previous band, Bubonic Souls, and became really interested in the production aspect after performing on a couple different studio
projects and working with expert audio engineers..At this point I really do the whole thing. I produce, write, mix, and perform
my songs.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you as an artist growing up?
M.C. Pollock : A whole array of artists. Everyone from Prince to Michael Jackson to Bob Marley to Led Zepplin to Sade. I really
was inspired by a lot of passionate and successful musicians. But really what inspired me to do music was the different world
I enter when playing music. I get into a really calm place where really only the current moment matters.

Twist Online : You recently released your debut EP “Hearbeats”. Tell us about that.
M.C. Pollock : Heartbeats was really an important step for me. It’s my first EP, and even though it’s only 3 songs, I took my time
with it. I really feel like artists rush their creation half the time. It took a few years to really develop those experiences
necessary to make some good music.

Twist Online : Your Album must be getting a good response from your fans?
M.C. Pollock : Oh yeah, I really feel connected to people with this one. I’ll see people at like, Wawa, who will be like ‘are you that
dude who sings?’, they really don’t even know my name, but that’s ok, they know the music.

Twist Online : Any particular song(S) of the Album, you will call “Must Listen to”?
M.C. Pollock : Hmmm, that’s tough. Honestly every song from the EP is a must-listen. But if there is one that’s pretty important to me,
I’d say ‘RealThing’.

Twist Online : Before establishing a solo career you performed with different bands? What made you decide,’you wanna go solo’?
M.C. Pollock : Look. I loved my experience playing with other musicians. I really think every musician should have some sort of history performing and collaborating. But it’s really efficient to just have that liberty and control over the music. For instance,
if I make a song, I can make it work on my own in a couple hours, whereas with a music group, I really have to be patient and
become a teacher. I still do some of that with my backing band, but there are less egos involved in the composition process,
so it makes things simpler.

Twist Online : Is there any particular reason for naming your Production Company “Keep It Swanky”?
M.C. Pollock : Keep It Swanky, that’s just my thing. In most everything I do, I Keep It Swanky, cool, fashionable, classic.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
M.C. Pollock : I really don’t have one. That’s tough! Right now I’m into more neo-Garage electronic stuff. But I really have all
sorts of genres I like.

Twist Online : Singing, songwriting or production what do you enjoy more?
M.C. Pollock : I’d have to say singing. The production is actually my least favorite part, believe it or not, but it’s completely
necessary to make a good recording.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
M.C. Pollock : Yes! Please follow me on twitter @mc_pollock and on instagram @keepit_swanky.

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