Interview with an up and coming artist Adrian Lewis aka CHAINY

Chainy (Adrian Lewis) is an up and coming artist who recently got signed “AzzNation Music” in Australia. Chainy will be releasing his Debut Album at the end of the year and will also be collaborating on an album with another artist called Celebrity set to be released in June. His collaboration album will be seen in the Billboard, UK and Australia charts as well as some stores.

We recently interviewed him for our magazine.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Chainy : My name is Adrian Lewis aka CHAINY. I am a hip-hop artist under the label AzzNation. Born in Oakland and raised all over California. I started getting into trouble during my teenage years selling drugs and hanging out with the wrong people. I kept getting locked up and needed a new outlet so I started writing my first songs to relieve stress and tell people all the things I been thru. I moved south of Chicago 10 years ago and started making song recordings on the phone. Friends and family enjoyed what I was doing, so I decided to buy a Mic and editing program to make an album and put the “Street life” to the side. With help from a close friend we completed the album in one month. We started to gain fans so decided to make a three man group called The Republic. I went by the name Big Dick Chainy and continued making music with real local musicians and singers. The stress of shows and fame started affecting our rap group. They wanted to do music for fun and I wanted to share my music with the world. So we decided to split as a group but remain friends. Around this time my son Andre is born so my career slows down. I had more time at home now to perfect my craft and plan my next move. I released song after song until people started to respect me as a talented artist. Instead of my music videos getting a hundred views they were getting thousands. AzzNation was running a worldwide hip-hop contest and the winner gets a record deal with all the fixings. I decided to enter and made a song called “Victory” the judges loved it. Aaron Cowper said he would like to be my manager and thinks together we can build something special. I reviewed the contract and signed so we been green light ever since. We have a lot of great music coming your way!

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Chainy : My mother has always been my biggest inspiration. She raised me and my two brothers completely by herself and worked very hard for her children. She listened to all types of music so I have vast knowledge of musicians and genres. Growing up I had no father so I found it easy to relate to rappers like Tupac and Biggie. I take Pac’s heart and Biggie’s lyrical greatness with me in every song I make.

Twist Online : You recently signed with ‘AzzNation Music’. How is your experience with them so far?
Chainy : Great!! The whole organization is determined to become a strong force in the music industry. Every move is well thought out and calculated. Before I signed they made sure I know that family comes first. They do great promo sign talented artists and world wide connections. I’m proud to be on the team and can’t wait to see my name on Billboards charts.

Twist Online : What kind of projects you are currently working on?
Chainy : I have just finished my two tracks for AzzNation Domination Mixtape. I am currently working on a big collaboration album with Celebrity The Producer. He’s a very talented artist originally from California so we have a lot in common. I am also working on my own album. The music and skill I will be displaying will be top notch and on point. I just finished an interview with MHMB Radio. Photo shoot last week was a success. I have an iheartradio interview coming shortly. I really encourage y’all to check me out I have a lil something for everyone.

Twist Online : You must be excited about your debut Album?
Chainy : Very Excited!! The beats and lyrics will be well thought out and structured. AzzNation does a great job mastering. I want the listener to feel me and the realness that pumps thru my veins. I think a lot of hip-hop today lacks the struggle and heart that we use to hear in the 90’s. I’m coming with strong lyrics style and street cred so I hope y’all can ride with me.

Twist Online : What else you do when you are not working on music?
Chainy : I like to spend time with the family. I go to concerts. I like to kick back smoke and drink on the weekends if i get time. When the weather’s nice I like to play basketball, football, disc golf anything that’s competitive lol I like to win. And it might sound funny but I like to listen to my music when I’m not working on music. I always get fond memories from making music in the past and plus it helps me become better cause I can pick out imperfections and better myself.

Twist Online : what are your plans to do after your time with the label?
Chainy : I will continue making music! If I succeed and fame and fortune is in my future then I will approach it with my feet on the ground and my chin to the sky. If I don’t reach fame and fortune then I will continue to make music for me and my fans until I die. I will be 80 years old talking about my new track I got out “No Country For Old Men” lol.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?
Chainy : Yes. I want to make a song that touches the whole world. Number one on Billboard charts. Win a Grammy. Best selling album of all time, I would like to accumulate enough money for charities and children youth programs. I feel some kids don’t get a proper chance to experience things others do because of poverty disabilities and broken homes. I have always wanted to make sure my mom and family never have to worry about money again. I want to be respected for my art throughout the world.

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