Interview with CHH Artist Shai’moya

Pro Media Mag : How would you introduce yourself in one line?
Shai’moya :
Hello I’m Shai’moya Messenger for Christ and CHH artist.

Pro Media Mag : What brought your into music
Shai’moya :
Music has been apart of my life since i was young so it didn’t take much for me to answer Gods call.

Pro Media Mag : You released your first album HiSLIFE a few months back. Tell us more about that ?
Shai’moya :
HiSLIFE was an insight to my life and what is is and was. I want people to hear my story and know that God can make any changes that needs to be made.

Pro Media Mag : Lyrics, vocals, composition or production, what’s the most important ingredient? Can you put them in most important order?
Shai’moya :
I believe all of them are equally important when trying to create a positive message. Positive music is definitely harder to make but its much better for us. You need every ingredient just as much as the others.

Pro Media Mag : What kind of response “Work Harder” has received.
Shai’moya :
Honestly people have been contacting me letting me know its helping them to work harder not only in their spiritual lives but in their natural lives as well.

Pro Media Mag : You love to be a part of this music industry?
Shai’moya :
Yes i love being apart of the industry, not because of fame or money but because of the opportunity to spread the message.

Pro Media Mag : Tell us about your upcoming projects?
Shai’moya :
Right now im working on a project called “Hello I’m Shai(shy)” and just like my first album I’m giving my story but letting the supporters know that even though I’m shy I’m opening up to them.

Pro Media Mag : You mostly work as independent artist or you prefer working with a label?
Shai’moya :
I have no issue working with the label. I think of the label as a team, if we work together we can definitely and successfully spread Gods message.

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