Interview with Creative Director and 3D Computer Graphics Artist Nickels

Nicholas King, better known as Nickels, is a Creative Director, and 3D Computer Graphics Artist. He most prominently uses his skill in computer animation to assist artists in viral marketing. He has created viral content with personalities such as Fedez, Chiara Ferragni, Jake Paul, and others.

Nickels has hinted at the creation of a bionic lens that has an embedded circular microchip which functions to activate as a luminescent for your eyes or vision.  It has the feature of being able to store UV Photons captured by the sun and discharging them at dark light conditions.

We are sharing recent interview with Nickels, he has also working on a music video.

First of all our readers would like to know more about you and start of your professional career?
My name is Nicholas King but some know me by ‘Nickels’ on the internet.  I’m American, from Florida specifically but I travel the world depending on the work.  I’m usually based in Dubai for the most part since my team of super experienced artists are there, but I jump around for remote supervision when needed.  I went to school for Computer Programming in Penn State, but after 2 years realized that I needed to do something more creative, so I enrolled in an art school in Tampa, Florida.  After receiving my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, I got started in the professional industry as an intern.  Moved up to Junior Motion Graphics Artist, then 2D/3D Artist, then Senior CG Artist, CG Supervisor, and finally Head of CG.

Who or what inspired you to get into animation?
My father was number one in influencing my to discover my art.  A little bit about him, he manages hotels and hotel chains, always in a suit, and very serious from the outside.  But he went to school for Film Directing, and he’s one of the most grounded and creative person I know.  Anyways – he’s always pushed me in creating things.  My inspirations come from two main things, the first is my technical background.  I love integrating visual effects in to real life, so I’ve used all of my knowledge on how to do this with every project I tackle.  The second thing would be one of the cartoons I used to watch as a child – Doraemon.  It’s about this alien cat that pulls futuristic inventions out of his pocket.  I always get excited to see what new invention is in each episode.

These skills are the result of education or is it self taught?
Both kind of.  I was self-taught up until I needed to get my foot in the door, so then I enrolled to receive a Bachelor’s in that degree, and then started interning at a company that would accept me. I didn’t learn much of anything in school, it was all from tinkering around, problem solving for personal projects, and experience from professional work I did at my company.

What would be your advice for the ones who want to start in this industry?
Follow your passion.  If this is what you think about waking up in the morning, and if you get that warm fuzzy feeling after finishing a project, then get your foot in the door.  I started out as an unpaid intern and grinded my way to the top.  I wouldn’t even use the word ‘grind’ because I was so passionate about what I was doing every day, I didn’t even think about it – and I couldn’t get enough of it.  Everything resonates when you do what you love, and you’ll surpass everyone’s expectations – even your own.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?
I major project with my team, for a music video.  But trying to find time on the side to work on some pending projects for my instagram page.

Where can our readers see your work?

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