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Interview with DJ/Music Producer Emeth Paul

We are sharing our recent interview with DJ/Music Producer Emeth Paul.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.

Emeth Paul : Hello ! My name is Eimantas Paulauskas, better know as Emeth Paul. I’m DJ/Music Producer from Lithuania. I was born and grown in Kaunas city. I had passion for music from days when i even was a kid. I started to listening music probably when i was 3-4 years old. At that time I didn’t know that it means something, but while I was growing my passion for music was growing as well. I really enjoy listening music,cause it helps me to live threw hard times in life. So about 14-15 years old i met my friend,he was producing music at the time,he invite me to home to his house to see how it looks from closer look. When I saw him producing music i was so shocked. First I didn’t understand anything, but I knew that I want to try that. At the time to buy a DAW (Music program) for produce music was too expensive to me,so everybody been using pirated versions at that time. So he sent me a pirated version of DAW. I remember it was Fruity Loop better know as FL STUDIO. When i open DAW i didn’t know from where to start so i started to mess around with everything. I tried everything to see how it works. There was millions of functions and i though it’s impossible to learn anything,but my passion for making music was bigger so I didn’t give up. I started with youtube tutorials. You just type in youtube “Fl studio basics” and I remember I did everything the same what tutorial said do to me. I was so happy when I made first melody,even it wasn’t my melody, but at that time I didn’t care because I made something who sounds pretty good. So I get more into it after that! That’s how I started my music producer carrier. That’s a short story about me and my beginning of music producer road.


Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?

Emeth Paul : Well I’ve been listening music from my childhood. Music was always everywhere with me and it doesn’t matter where I go or what I do. Actually i never planned to be in music industry,it happen so fast that i didn’t understand how i became into it.I was big fan of EDM (Electronic Dance music)

and still i am! My biggest inspiration was and still are Tim Bergling better know as (Avicii). He made music with passion,he never care about the money, because he love what he was doing. Every song he made somehow it touched your heart every time. He was just a simple guy who never care about fame or money, he just wanted to make people happy with his music,and he actually did that. The most important thing that has every song had a meaning it wasn’t empty song ,it was about to not give up, chase your dreams and that helps a lot of young people out there in the world. My 2nd inspiration is Martin Garrix. It’s amazing how much he done at his age. He’s a great example that you never should stop doing what you love,even there will be hard times in life,but you have to keep moving your way to your dream and you be there!

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release “Turn Up” ?

Emeth Paul : Turn Up is my latest release. Its a future house track. It took me about 1 week to make it , because i already had idea in my head,i just need to make that idea come to life. Track has unique sounds,catchy vibe and it’s going viral. When ,,Frequency” (music label) released my track,its started growing so fast,everybody got in love in that track instantly.I got a lot of videos to my email from my fans where they dance to this song,they hear them in clubs,they play them in clubs,actually everybody got hyped on it.

Future house is something new for me ,i never been making future house style music before,so when i was releasing it i didn’t expect anything big. Every time when you try something new you always nervous cause you don’t know what to expect,and how fans react to your song,but i m very happy with the final result,and the most important thing to me that fans got in love with track so fast!

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?

Emeth Paul : It might look weird but i didn’t get any negative response about my latest release. All fans been so nice.They send me messages on facebook,email they even send me a video where they dance to the song,or they listening while they driving a car. It really feels good when you see that your song going worldwide. I always try to make music to make them feel good while they listening. As i mention already future house is something new for me,i always like to test new things out. And i ‘ m happy that this test with future house style gone great!

I really love all my fans,they are amazing !

Twist Online : Your track “By My Side” had done extremely good, you must be happy with the response.?

Emeth Paul : This track has a long story. I’ve got a lot of questions from fans about the story I’m trying to tell in that song. Some people think that it’s a typical song , but i can guarantee that its not. I can tell you a short story how song was born. So i met a girl online on app ,,Tinder” (I think that’s how it calls). One evening i had some free time so i thought i need to try out tinder. I turned app,and first girl i saw its was her. At the time i didn’t knew that it was her. So we matched to each other on that app.We started to talking on tinder ,started talking more often later we change our contacts on facebook because tinder not the best app for chatting. We started to like each other and we fall in love so fast,i think after 2-3 months later. And i wanted to make something special for her. I remember that her birthday was coming and i became with that idea to write and song for her. I though it’s something what she didn’t have before. I wrote lyrics actually in 3-4 hours, it wasn’t hard to write them,because everything was from heart. So i made i piano melody first,i need chords to touch her heart and show that how important she is for me. I started with instrumental because if song does not have right instrumental lyrics won’t cover the song. I made piano/electro guitar combination and became with instrumental that i really love,i knew that it was exactly how i wanted. I remember when I finish song, it was October 11,midnight. I send her song next day in evening. We wasn’t together at that time,i didn’t want to wait so i send her on email and wrote her take a listen. I remember that 20minutes later she called me,she couldn’t speak because she was crying ,she couldn’t even say any word because she was so happy. She said her hands was shaking,her heart was beating so fast,and that time i knew that i made song about our story. I was happy because she loved it,that was my goal,because i was afraid maybe she don’t understand that. I m happy that everything gone amazing. So what i m trying to say that when i was making this song i never thought about releasing it anywhere,i though it will be only for her. But unfortunately we broke up. So a lot of my friends been telling me to release the song. After long time i decided to release song and tell our story to world. If you listen closely lyrics,you can close your eyes while listening song and imagine our relationships. It was really beautiful,and i wouldn’t change anything about it.

Unfortunately i can’t tell her name ,but you can see her on album cover. Let’s get back to the song. When i release the song i didn’t expect anything actually it wasn’t club song,it was more like love song,and these days love songs doesn’t get attention at all actually. But song start growing so fast that i didn’t understand how it became so successful. Probably people who been listening to this song,had to live through this story that i m trying to tell in song,so they understand the song meaning.It’s been nominated to TOP 40 charts on Amsterdam radio,it’s already playing on 3 different Norway radio stations,and it still growing. I get so beautiful messages from fans about this song. Like for example one girl wrote an email to me,where she was saying that her boyfriend propose to her while this song was playing. It was so nice that people get into that song,cause this song is special for me, and it really makes me happy that fans make this song even more special !

Twist Online : What’s your biggest achievement so far?

Emeth Paul : Well probably is my biggest achievement so far is contract that i signed with one of the biggest record labels in the world.I can’t tell you exactly the name of record label,but make sure to follow Martin Garrix and you will find the Emeth Paul ! Actually my real achievement is when i made a first beat,i show them to my friend,and they said loved it. That’s the moment when i decide what i wanna do for living and which way I’ m gonna go.

I’m really happy that i make my parents proud of me,cause if not my father maybe i never been released a song on internet. I had a lot of done tracks in my laptop,but i was afraid to share them,cause i was scared of all negative comments and hate. But he listen to my songs,and he said ,,you have to share them with the world,they are amazing songs”. And then i realize that i have to try to release at least 1 song. We got only 1 life, so try everything what you want to try ! I always be thankful for all support from my family and friends. They help me to success. That’s why i always trying to say to everyone. Always keep you surrounded by your family and friends,cause they will be there for you always when you need them most!

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?

Emeth Paul : My goal is play at “Tomorrowland” that’s probably the biggest goal that i want to reach. My second goal is to help grow young artists,help them get motivation,keep them in a right way and make a friendly producers community who can help to each other, because helping really helps you to grow and success. I’m simple guy so don’t be shy and text me , I m Emeth Pauling to all fans messages i get.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming record label?

Emeth Paul : I always was that kind of guy who love to help other peoples. I always help without asking something in return. I know how hard these days to become successful in music industry. There a lot of talented young people’ s in world who might never grow as music producers,singers,dj. When i started the music producing at that time i wasn’t successful and it took me years of practice to be where i am now. So my goal is open a record label and help to grow unseen young artists out there in the world. Right now I’m making a team of professionals. We are going to be 4-5 peoples in the beginning. We will have 2 peoples who listen all demos that people sent to us,1 guy who take care of marketing and promoting and 2 guys who will be Emeth Pauling to all messages and emails. Record label should starts running in January and all producers will be welcome to us. There will be an opening party where can come everybody who wants to meet me and my team. I will keep you updated on my social media,so be sure to follow me!

I would like to give a shout out to one special and very talented girl. She loves music and she have the biggest passion for music i ever seen. She just started to teaching kids vocal lessons. If you looking for music lessons,you should definitely choose Gerda.

She’s very sweet,very talented and very passionate about music. She can teach from how to play piano to how to be a better singer. Her melodies she’s making,its something unique and amazing,you always get goosebumps when you hear her playing piano. What’s the most

I like about Gerda that she’s doing everything from heart. When she teaches she give her heart 110% for students. I already mention Gerda so i can give a little leak about my new song with Lithuanian singer Sasha Song and of course Gerda! You will have opportunity to hear her melodies on our new collab. That’s her first collab ever on EDM music so show some support and love for her. You can follow Gerda on social media :




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