Interview with DJ, Rapper and Producer ‘KyD Kahlil ‘

Today on our Hot Seat we have KyD Kahlil rapper,DJ, producer from the Southside of pittsburgh. He is a real multi-talent and you will definitely enjoy our conversation with him. So Let’s have a chat.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into Rapping?
KyD Kahlil : Yo KyD Kahlil in the house.. Repping the 412 Steelcity of Pittsburgh.. City of champion’s ya know! And always reppin the Westside of New Castle too!

As far as me getting started rapping and how= I’ve been writing since I was 9.. One day I noticed my Mother writing down all the Lyrics to an old Luther Vandross joint.. And that’s where it all started.. I wrote down the Lyrics to all my favorite cuts.. And that like manifested into writing my own music.. After awhile that would develope into Me and my little brother making songs and steps to go with it.. And eventually at age 10, I started my first rap Group with my cousins Way Way and Duryea.. We called ourselves the “Radio rappers” lol Good times on my life.

Twist Online : DJ, Rapper or Producer, What role you enjoy most?
KyD Kahlil : I would have to say Producer.. Because even though I love spittin and .. Producing has so many more roles and outlets.. I’ve made 1000s of beats and 2 indie movies so I’m always on it!

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent work?
KyD Kahlil : Right now I’m almost finished with my new mixtape “No Distractionz”.. Dropping soon.. Been working with my man Tryfe Da Loc on the beats, so you already know it’s official! I’m shooting a couple videos for it coming soon too. New Movie coming too but I gotta keep that on the hush tho.. Y’all can catch me n Ruzee Oct. 21st at Club Changes in New Castle Pa as we open up for Scarbelly.. Come thru and support your boy.. I do this for y’all too!

kyd-khalilTwist Online : Performing live or working in the studios, What do you enjoy more?
KyD Kahlil :  I love the studio.. Always have and always will.. The one place where you can just let yourself go.. I feel free and careless in the studio.. Its only about me and the music.. Nothing else

Twist Online : Are you inspired by someone in the music industry?
KyD Kahlil : I have a lot of inspirations in the game.. Especially those who started with nothing and made it to the top.. Wether music.. Sports.. Whatever. My first favorite group was Run dmc.. My favorite rapper was 2pac, and lyrically Biggie. I wanna give some Love to local RAPPERS Slo Motion.. Big House.. The Inkster.. Mel Man.. The Buttonpusha.. And the Nutthouse ni**as for inspiring me as a kid to believe people from my state and city could live their lyrical dream! And Shoutout to my cousin’s Cecil and Kevin who I started my first official rap Group!

Twist Online : You have been nominated for the rapper of the year twice. How excited you were for the nomination?
KyD Kahlil :   It always feels good knowing someone can relate to your music and energy.. Even tho I haven’t won yet.. I always lost to fellow homie Rappers.. One year my boy “Sikes” and the other year my boy “Yungin Voorhes”.. Shoutout to both!

Twist Online : Currently you are going solo or teamed up with someone?
KyD Kahlil :  I’ve been solo since the “Cream Team Famili” broke up.. But I teamed up with my homie Pittsburgh/Philly rapper Ruzee Ru, and we been rocken it out every stage for a minute now. We been running with the squad “StreetBrand” lately.. So even tho I’m solo.. I got a musical fam.. Shoutout to the banditz= Ruzee Ru.. Rea Nem.. BooGz and the others!

Twist Online : What are your future goals as music arist?
KyD Kahlil :  My goals are about my Son and my family.. Even my fans.. I WANT TO make things better for us.. A better way of living.. They are all I have. Hopefully I can either get signed to a major label or get on with my own deal.. Who knows.

Twist Online : Are you working on any other new project?
KyD Kahlil : No doubt.. I got alot of collabs going on.. Just did a track with my boy Bodybag Mac.. For all my Nc fam, I’m soon to be working again with my cousin “Cnote Stacks” so you already know what it is! New music coming with Reggae sensation Jah-ques.. Beanie Lay.. And more..Be on the lookout

Twist Online : Are you active on social media? what’s the best way to follow you?
KyD Kahlil :  I’m very active on social media.. Find me KyD Kahlil on Fb.. Twitter.. YouTube.. Snapchat.. Instagram.. And Soundcloud.. All under kydkahlil or KyD kahlil!

Thanks for having me.. Mad love to you and your viewers!

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