Interview with Executive Director of The First Icon Agency LLC.

We are sharing our conversation with Kevin James, Executive Director of The First Icon Agency LLC.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Kevin James :
Hi, my name is Kevin James and I am the Executive Director of The First Icon Agency, a multimedia entertainment company in New York City.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into entertainment industry?
Kevin James :
I was always into music and a creative type person, even as a young child. I manifested it mostly though in art and coming up with short poems and stories.
That’s why I think that it was just a natural progression for me to ultimately want to pursue a career in music.

The bug hit me around 16 and it was artists such as Michael Jackson, Prince and LL Cool J that really peaked my interest in songwriting and performing. On the other side, producers like Teddy Riley and Marley Marl gave me the drive to take a shot at music production as well.

Twist Online : You are Executive Director of The First Icon Agency LLC., our readers would like to know more about this company?
Kevin James :
Definitely, as I mentioned First Icon is a multimedia entertainment company. We are a service provider for artists, musicians and producers in the music industry. We also produce and publish content across the industry, in particular, the StreamLINE Music Blog and Podcast.

We take a global approach in producing our content and representing our talent. It’s how we developed the motto, “This is the place where innovation speaks for itself”.

Twist Online : What are the services you are offering under this company?
Kevin James :
We provide services across a wide range of music industry areas. We provide artist bookings, representation, music administration such as handling copyright registrations, performance rights organization submissions, publishing and sync licensing to name a few.

We also provide digital marketing and promotions as well as playlist curation/placement across the streaming platforms.

Twist Online : You have worked as recording artist, songwriter, producer, on-air radio personality, background actor and film director. What do you enjoy the most?
Kevin James :
I really enjoy what I currently do in am administration function, but a close second from my past roles would be Producer. The creative process and just the flow of energy putting thoughts in your head into a full composition always is a tremendous high for me. It’s basically the joy of taking something that wasn’t there before and boom!, now it exists.

Twist Online : Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Kevin James :
Yes indeed, outside of my dealings in the music industry, I am an avid sports fan. I am a born and raised New Yorker and I root for the Mets, Jets and Nets. It just happened that way….not because they rhyme lol. I’m also a vegan as well as a fitness and nutrition enthusiast.

Twist Online : What would be your advice to the upcoming artists?
Kevin James :
I urge all upcoming artists to get familiar with the business side of the music industry. I wouldn’t expect them to become experts, but just be aware of key terms and the basics of how the music business runs.

Just knowing these basics can protect emerging artists from unsavory individuals and companies and bad contracts that can really put a roadblock in their careers.

On the creative side, just continue to make the music that is true to you. I know it can be a challenge to stay the course if your style doesn’t necessarily match the current trend, but ultimately, switching it up to try and match the latest fad would be detrimental.

Make it a point to carve a niche in the type of music YOU create. There’s a following for all types of music so grab that following that your music appeals to and grow from there.

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