Interview with Marc Lotus the owner of Chrome City Records

We recently interviewed Chrome City Records owner Marc Lotus. Sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Marc Lotus : My name is Marc Lotus and I am the owner of Chrome City Records, a premier indie label operating out of Washington, DC, and Annapolis, MD. With a pop music and EDM platform, Chrome City Records has been blazing a new trail and signing artists from a great talent pool in the DC metro area since 2014. PJ is my lone staff member and she is my MVP!

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to launch Chrome City Records?
Marc Lotus : I grew up in Montgomery County Maryland and was always in a band growing up. In the 90’s I was in a pop funk band called Random Dog. The band was great, the music was amazing, and the live show was unforgettable. The biggest problem with the band was that record labels in the area were snobbish and uninterested in real pop music. Later in life I wanted to sign talent in the Washington, DC, area and support the musicians in a way Random Dog never was.

Twist Online : What are the main services you are providing to your customers?
Marc Lotus : Well Chrome City Records is a full service record label that works in a real partnership with our signed artists. Together the label and the artist create the most amazing songs in the market. Our songs are found for sale on major distribution sites like and iTunes. We offer our artist the opportunity to craft original works for a variety of films, television, advertising and video game production. We also offer collaboration for songwriting and composition. Our focus is on the artist and producing the best music to sell to the public.

Twist Online : Tell us about some of your recent projects ?
Marc Lotus : Chrome City Records currently has signed artist that are involved in projects both here in Washington, DC and Des Moines, IA. In Des Moines we have our incredibly talented Ariel Currant, who recently released a song called We Are the Night. Do to the success of the song and all of the positive reviews, we have just started scripting out her music video for the song. Ariel Currant has a fantastic page, so please check it out!
Here in Washington, DC, our artist Anzi recently released a song called Run Away. Recently, we filmed her music video and hope to release that by fall 2017. Anzi has been very busy including a performance on the grounds of the Washington Monument on June 3, 2017, and writing her 3rd single.
Abby Sevcik is a singer songwriter that recently released a song and music video for Open Windows Closed Doors. After initially receiving buzz for her independently released Pop EP “For Keeps”, Abby went on to write “Minutes Ago”; a melancholy track that demonstrated the depth and intelligence in her writing ability. Abby was also featured on a 2014 viral hit called “Surreal”, which now has over 1 million streams on Spotify. Her success stretches beyond the recording realm into her live performance ability, as she showcased when opening for Grammy award-winning artist Daya.
Shea is an artist on the label that is developing a new and ground breaking sound. We are all looking forward to her work towards the end of the year.

Twist Online : Are you working in some specific genres?
Marc Lotus : Chrome City Records is working in two specific genres of music right now, pop music and Electronic Dance Music. Working with great local studios like Blue Room Productions Studio, in Bethesda, MD, we are achieving a killer sound that is defining a new trend in these styles of music. I have met some great local engineers and producers that have helped get this new sound off the ground. We pride ourselves on leading the way to a new great sound in music.

Twist Online : Have you set some targets to achieve?
Marc Lotus : Well right now we are concentrating on radio play, trending video’s, and finishing EP’s. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but our artists have such a love for this stuff that it’s moving right along. One of our biggest goals is to get our artists in to national music conferences in 2018. We are excited that our artists are ready to take that next step, so keep your social media open to see what we achieve in the next 5 months.

Marc Lotus

Twist Online : What makes Chrome City Records different from others?
Marc Lotus : Chrome City Records was created on a solid pop music platform. Also, instead of copying other labels, we decided to get our talent from media channels that other labels did not. Our artists came from humble beginnings and we developed them based on a mutual plan. Everyone on the label is a true professional, each mirroring the goals and values of the business itself.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming projects?
Marc Lotus: Chrome City Records artists have some huge plans coming up. To start, we are going to be filming music videos for Anzi’s song On My Own and Ariel Currant’s song We Are The Night this summer. Abby Sevcik has a new song that she recorded in Nashville, TN, called Locked Up, which is currently being produced for release this summer. New music for Shea and all of the artists will be hitting the airways in the fall of 2017, so we are extremely busy.

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