Interview with Multi talented Artist Dr. Brenda Jefferson

Dr. Brenda Jefferson, Co-Pastor of Deeper Life Christian Church in Tampa, Fl is one of today’s most dynamic Christian leaders. She is a fixture of inspiration and hope, provoking a lifestyle of holiness and integrity in men and women across the nation. This celebrated songwriter, author, designer, mentor, and multi-faceted entrepreneur, is fueled by a passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. As an anointed musical arranger, Brenda embraces God’s true healing power through song.

We recently interviewed here. We are sharing it here with you.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about your past and your entrance into music industry?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : I’ve had a love for music since I was a small child. I started writing music and realized that I had a gift and I needed to share it. I released an album entitled, “A Time for Refreshing” in 2010.

Twist Online : Tell us about Your Debut Album?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : A Time of Refreshing, gives a soulful testimony of scripture when ministered through song. Each song is birthed through my experiences and God’s healing power in my life. My second album, “Pen of a Ready Writer” features some of the best in gospel music,including Dorinda Clark, Myron Butler & Lecresia Campbell.My latest album is called Invocation and it’s set to be released in September 2016. The lead single from the album is called “Miracle” which features vocals from Lowell Pye.

Twist Online : what’s type of music you like ?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : My primary genre of music is Gospel Music. It’s very uplifting and encouraging.

Twist Online : Is there any inspiration behind you?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : Yes, I want to empower and uplift people. Glorifying God is my motivation and inspiration.

Twist Online : Do you set goals for yourself and how do you do that?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : Yes, I try to take my time on each project. I start accomplishing small goals which leads to accomplising larger goals.

pastorbrendajeffersoTwist Online : Tell us about your songs?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : This song came to me like an epiphany and they just touched my soul. Miracle has turned out to be a fan favorite.

Twist Online : What style of singing you like? Hip-hop, rock, pop?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : I enjoy listening to Gospel and Spiritual Music.

Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Twist Online : When we will be able to see your next release ?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : I have a few things in the works. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s going to be next. I’m working on tours and setting the ground work for new music.

Twist Online : Your fans will like to follow you. How can they?
Dr. Brenda Jefferson : I’m on social media, my fans can follow me on Twitter at @DrBrendaj or on Facebook: they can also check out my website:

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