Interview with multi-talented artist Sauveur Eloheem

We are sharing our recent interview with Sauveur Eloheem, a young rapper, beatmaker and writer from Paris, France

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers

Sauveur Eloheem : Sauveur Eloheem aka Bob Snob aka Sick Homie Prince aka Bobby la Seiche

Twist Online : Can you tell us about your latest release ?

Sauveur Eloheem : It’s a short freestyle named “Triple 6 Catharsis” that I released to tease my upcoming solo album. The voice tone is kinda similar to what I did for my 6-tracks EP “666”… Sort of an homage… I’m planning to do more like this in the near future…

Twist Online : “Killuminé” is your most popular track and got some attention in foreign countries. In your opinion : why ?

Sauveur Eloheem : I think the beat and the energy I’m putting in this song has to do with it…

Twist Online : You made a track with Cage Kennylz in 2018, how did that happen ?

Sauveur Eloheem : I sent my music to Cage and asked if he was down to make a feature track, he said my music was cool and original (even tho he doesn’t understand french) and that he was down to collab with me. I was stoked… Then we made “Dead Souls”.

Twist Online : Speaking of “Dead Souls”, the music video is very intriguing and original… Who directed it ?

Sauveur Eloheem : The original concept of these teens with AK 47’s dancing naked covered with mud and fake blood was put together by California based artist Maya Sofia Mercer. I filmed it and edited it, tho…

Twist Online : You’re a part of a musical duo named “Eloheem” and also a solo artist, what do you enjoy more ?

Sauveur Eloheem : I’m enjoying both… Always a pleasure to work with my guy Op’s. And always a pleasure to perform alone…

Twist Online : You are going to release your first solo album soon, what can we expect from it ?

Sauveur Eloheem : Most of the album will be story-telling tracks. I already released a few singles from the album. One of them is featuring french underground legend VII. The track is named “Alfred” and it’s about the story of a kid being beaten and harassed at school… There will be more story-telling tracks in the album for sure…

Twist Online : Any last words for our readers?

Sauveur Eloheem : Yes, keep supporting good indie artists…

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