Bryce Hitchcock

Interview with multi-talented Bryce Hitchcock

We are sharing our recent interview with Bryce Hitchcock.

Recognized as “an artist to watch”. Bryce Hitchcock’s music is rooted in folk-pop, country blues, and jazz. Fans have heard Bryce as the voice of Deuce in

the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD video game and she was recently featured singing and acting on the hit FX show “Atlanta”.

Bryce’s new single “Two” is about a girl who isn’t ready to commit 100% of
herself to her relationship. She’s afraid to be depended on and even more
afraid of depending on someone else. Bryce’s strong smokey voice carries the
heavy subject matter and shows amazing maturity for such a young girl.
Bryce brings back deep lyrical content reminiscent of such legends as James
Taylor and Carly Simon but keeps it fresh and new with a young sound and
modern production. In an era of over produced, glossy pop music Bryce is
keeping it real. “Two” was recorded in Ireland with Stuart Gray at Jealoustown
Studios and a music video was filmed in downtown Nashville, TN by Steven C.
Knapp of Knapptime Creative LLC.

What is your most recent release all about? What made you write the tune?
This song is about a girl who is in a relationship, but due to her insecurities and need for independence, she breaks it off. She soon realizes that she may have let go of something great without giving it a real chance. The idea for the song came to me as I played with some chords on my guitar. I think this is a relatable story for many people, including myself, who strive to be independent and find themselves not having anything left for a relationship.

What was the first song you ever heard that made you want to be a singer?
I’ve listened to many different genres of music pretty much my whole life. But early on, I was involved in quite a few local theater productions in Nashville. I’ve always loved music from the theater. One of the first songs I sang publicly was “Maybe” from Annie. The room was moved to tears and I immediately knew that this is what I want to do.

Tell us more about your musical background.
I grew up in Nashville, so I was always around music in some capacity. I started off playing violin at age three and eventually switched to piano so I could sing while I was playing. After a while, I was traveling a bit and it made more sense to play the guitar. When I was about seven or eight, I joined a performance group in Nashville and we did shows at various venues around town. A Sony executive just happened to be at one of the performances (so Nashville, I know) and he contacted me about doing session work. I soon started working for other record labels too and I learned a lot from those early sessions. As I realized that many of the songs that were popular were not exactly age appropriate for me, I began writing my own music and sometimes with other artists. Since then, I’ve continued to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter.

How do you see acting and music in your future?
As well as writing lyrics and melodies, performance is a huge part of what I enjoy. I perform as often as I can when I’m not writing and recording new music or filming videos. I started doing commercials, films, voiceover, and TV when I was around nine years old and it’s something I really enjoy. I hope to be able to tour some day with my music and I’d love to book some more acting roles. I just love it all!

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