Dede Babz interview

Interview with multi-talented Dede Babz

We are sharing our recent interview with Dede Babz. David Kimathi Stegeman by birth is a hiphop and RnB producer and multi genre DJ song writer and entrepreneur


Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Dede Babz : Well, I was a young kid at the age of 10 or 11 hanging out with the wrong crowd doing things a 11 year old shouldn’t. That’s when my uncle noticed me going down the wrong path. I mean I was a 11 year old kid pretty much in the hood hustling. My uncle who is also my mentor, DJ Tush, saw me and told me ‘man you going down the wrong path and you need to get straight’. He told me he djs
and he is more than happy to teach me. At first i was like nah this nigga trippin, he on some bullshit he hating on me but the more i stayed around the people i was with i realized that I really am doing something wrong because I’m not moving forward in life i kept going backwards and kept loosing.
I decided to take my uncle up on his offer and he started teaching me about the art of djing. It took me a year to learn but after that I started performing in clubs and as a young kid i was making more money than I could spend.I really tried to be the best DJ I could possibly be but I felt like im being held back and i can do more that what Im doing DJing

So I started looking at software that make djing more interesting and I stumbled upon fruity loops. I downloaded the fl studio thinking im gonna have the best dj mixes, but when i installed the software and opened it. I realized I don’t have a clue where anything is or what i do with the software. So I started searching on youtube and listening to producers such as metro boomin, southside, tm88. dj spinz tarentino and many more make beats, I also watched youtube videos and slowly built up my skills. As  years went by the better i got. That’s pretty much how i became a DJ and producer.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Dede Babz : There’s alot of things that got me into music. I mean at first I started music as a way to change my life but as my career progressed, I slowly developed new reasons and inspirations to be in the music industry.
The biggest influence and inspiration I have musically at this point in time are 4 legends in my opinion. The first being the legendary Bob Marley. Bob Marley really influences and inspires me musically but also in life.
If you listen to his songs he really tries to give positive vibes and wants to direct the young in the right way. He promotes peace and love. I mean if it wasn’t for Bbob Marley and smoking weed many people and I myself believe I wouldn’t be here doing this interview, because I lost my best friend at the age of 12 to cancer. I went to the same preschool as him, same middle school, and he just left like that and then at the age of 14 of one of my biggest inspirations in music was shot and killed. He was a rapper by the name Skin D. He was tricked and people set him up and he got shot right in the back of the head.
Niggas really don’t understand what kind of trauma this leaves on a person. They think it is cool to loose friends and family but in reality it is the most painful thing you’ll experience in life emotionally.
But other than Bob Marley and Skin D. The biggest inspiration for me is my 2 sisters who are in Heaven right now and my 2 sisters that I have the blessing of seeing everyday. They are my biggest motivation and inspiration.

Dede Babz

Twist Online : You started your music career as DJ? Tell us some of your working experince as DJ
Dede Babz : I worked as a DJ in several different clubs in Kenya as well as Michigan in USA. In Kenya I worked at clubs such as Club Genesis, Mzooka, Bobs Bar & Grill, Baliti FM and so much more. I also did private events, weddings, public events, partys and all that.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent work?
Dede Babz : Well my recent work with Wawa The Great is really one of my favorite records. Out of all the records Ive done, Intro Duction really connects with me. To me it keeps me motivated but also makes me want to party, it also helps me keep my mind in the right place.
Wawa is really one of the most talented artists I’ve been blessed to work with. Wawa really is talented and she can do almost any genre of music without having to hesitate. Ive got new music coming soon with Shukid Kace Blu and Wawa The Great dropping soon.

Twist Online : What made you launch your own record label YBM Records ?
Dede Babz : There were alot of reasons. Im the type of person that wants to help everybody around me. If you look at the kenyan industry right now, its not where it should me. Infact the industry isn’t really what it used to be.
I for one want to change that, I want to take Kenyan and African music all over. I wanted to help artists from my city get to the places they should and need to be at, I wanted to bring something new to the table also you know? So I can stand out and really have a unique movement.
Plus I also always had the dream of owning my own record label.

Twist Online : You had a bad experience earlier this year. How much you have recovered from all this stuff?
Dede Babz : To be honest? I’m still recovering, I mean I did 6 months on probation and therapy for ptsd, and it still effects me to this date. I know its only been a few months but it was a difficult period in my life. My family probably thought I was a drug addict but in reality I wasn’t.
Im still trying to figure myself out but I feel that being on probation and messing up woke me up and reminded me that this is the world. It doesn’t matter if your perfect, somebody will find something and make you seem like a menace to society. I was placed on probation with a close associate of mine and to keep it real he was one of the ones making sure i stay out of trouble
and really get on track and focus on what i should and need to be focusing on.

Twist Online : Have you set some target to achieve ?
Dede Babz : Yeah. For sure. Ive got alot of targets I want to achieve. For now though my only target is to give out as much quality content as I possibly can and also bring smiles to the faces of my supporters as i do so.

Twist Online : Are you currently working on any other project?
Dede Babz : Yeah. I’m working on alot of stuff at the moment. Ive got more songs with Wawa The Great lined up for release soon. Ive got songs with Shukid, one of the most talented artists in Kenya in my opinion. Ive got stuff with Barak Jacuzzi and Boutross Munene. Uhhm, I just started working with Ruby Githui, Bunnp who is one of the fastest rising sensations in USA.
Ive got alot of stuff coming soon with Kace Blue. I just recently signed a long time friend and rapper Rapqally. I’ve got a project with my producer from Canada dropping soon. Ive got countless projects coming soon all for the fans. I can go on for days with the work I’m doing behind the scenes.

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