Isobella Caroline Boucher

Interview with multi-talented Isobella Caroline Boucher

Today on our Hot Seat we have Isobella Caroline Boucher, a music artist from NYC.  Let’s have a chat with her.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?
Isobella : I started my career in music about 4 years ago. I was always into the music scene, writing lyrics and composing music in my personal time. Although it was on the down low, I was keeping it to myself. It wasn’t until I meet a producer in New York City. He asked to hear a few of my compositions, along with my lyrics. He liked them and I was asked to go into the recording studio . I went, I was ecstatic. We did a few tunes, and then that was when it started taking off for me. I then decided to do my first album, “Was it all a Dream”. The prior CD had been composed soundtracks for a webseries I was in. So, this is how my music got on course to a Professional Level.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Isobella : My inspiration was many artists I admire, along with my friends. They were saying, you got a real great voice and look. Give it a try! So I did.

Although, my first inspiration was Nina Simone. My first song was inspired by her, called “Lilac Tree”. I had been listening at that time, to alot of her works, “SinnerMan”, “Lilac Wine” and more. I was taken in by her majestic voice, lyrics and style.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release?
Isobella : My recent release, that I actually like most is called “Love”. It is going to be on my upcoming CD “Secrets” This song to me, is one of the sweetest pop electronica dance songs I have worked on. Although, it is out on Reverbnation and YouTube. The final cut is not out yet, since I feel even more can be added to that song to perfect it.

Twist Online : You are semi finalist in the San Mauro Film Festival for your song “Tell me Why”. You must be very excited about that?
Isobella : I am! It made my day! I was beyond proud, since it is a big film festival in Rome, Italy. I was honored since it was not only my song “Tell me Why” but also my film creating work of the music video. I had made that video after reading about David Lynch.
Actually one of his books, since, I am also a film director and really into cinematography. I wanted to capture something, a “film noir edge” to my music video. By being a semi finalist in the San Mauro Film Festival, it appears I did accomplish a bit of what was intended.

It also reminds inspired me. Since before winning this, I felt back ended. Last summer, I was pulled into alot of ciaos regarding film work.

Last summer, I was pulled into alot of ciaos regarding film work. It stifled me, I began to question alot of things, lot of things.
I had created and did all cinematography for a web series I was in, that actually got top ratings on IMbd.
Yet I was doing the video editing, filming and ideas. My work actually, some of it, was stolen. Also, some artists, like to redu,redu,then redu scenes. I don’t!
I feel repetitive, it almost becomes boring, by keeping the spark going, they the ability of realness is alive.
As a film creator, I like freedom and exploration. I feel by, as they say “cookie cutting” film work actually takes away from the creative flow.
It is the naturalness I like to capture. So by being chosen as a semi finalist for this film festival it made me smile inside. Now, I can’t wait to do more. My way!

Twist Online : Any other achievements in your career so far?
Isobella : Achievements. Well, I have a few. I did create, a few summers ago, a very big music project. It was called “Venus in Chains”. It was a global project to incorporate World Peace and Love in this world. Many artists including myself, got together. We wrote songs, created videos just for that purpose. Even Brenda Bennett, formally of” Prince” was part of my project. There are 4 CDS out just for that project alone. I feel that was a great accomplishment,just in purpose.

I happen to like purpose and reason. Music is supposed to make people happy,to become more aware of themselves,surroundings, and feelings ,also in joining together. It is a really beautiful art.

I also accomplished winning the Academia Award for best pop electronica album “Was it all A Dream” in 2017 ,although I was awarded last month.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming project “Secrets”?
Isobella : It is my new CD named “Secrets” that is coming out. I already have 7 or 8 tracks ready for this CD. But you know it keeps changing, so it is really a project. I want it to be unique in the way it is presented. So I have been also working on more ideas for music videos.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Isobella : I love stage, as I am also an actress and have been on stage. I love the whole theater world. Although, music as making Cds and cuts really is a bit of a difference.

Studio time is very vocally serious. So, it is a different experience. At this time, my work on n with music has been more in studio and in front of a camera.

Isobella Caroline Boucher interview

Yet, the stage I love most!

Twist Online : Have you set some target to achieve as a music artist?
Isobella : Yes! To become a greater music artist every day. Learn more, maybe take it more seriously, practice my art more, hear more and grow.

As an artist, I don’t know about all, I am very sensitive I feel, maybe to a flaw. I take it all in, and let it out through creating music. I know myself, if something personal is bothering me, it comes out in my music. Emotional blocks, we all have, like if something happens and perhaps hurt my inner feelings. I stop my art. Just stop.
But that is something to be embraced. Those moments, maybe the “ stopping parts “ are the places where some really great piece of music can be creating. I very curious of life.

So, my target is to take it really in and really let it out in my music.

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