Interview with music artist Aidar Omar

We are sharing our recent interview with Aidar Omar

Twist Online:First of all we want to say welcome to you.
Aidar Omar :
Thank you! Thanks for inviting!

Twist Online:How did you come into music industry?
Aidar omar :
Working full time as a Software Engineer requires a hobby, just to stay sane) So music and singing was always a part of my life. I decided to take voice lessons from a great classical voice teacher Dietrich Erbelding. Then after developing an interest in swing and jazz along with classical art songs and arias, I met an amazing LA music producer Nick Nittoli and we decided to work together on blending genres. He suggested that there is definitely a niche for the music I like and that I start making original music.

Twist Online:Who was your inspiration for music?
Aidar omar :
Most of my inspiration comes from my childhood listening to American pop music. Back in 90’s, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson were very popular in my country (I grew up in Kazakhstan) and I really got interested in their melodic, modern and dynamic songs. I didn’t even understand English, but the music really talked to me. When I was a teenager, my mother bought a CD of various artists – and the 1st song on that CD was Nat King Cole’s “When I fall in Love” – that was an old song, but totally new to my taste and it really appealed to me. Beautiful voice, nice line, the flow and the orchestration – I really liked it and that taste still stays with me. Surprisingly, only in my early 30’s I discovered Frank Sinatra, who to say the least, inspired me to start exploring more of old jazz, pop and swing repertoire. So overall, my inspiration comes from amazing singers in various genres – Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Luciano Pavarotti, and many other great singers of the past. But another big part of inspiration comes from my social media followers and listeners. I get lot’s of encouraging comments about the music I sing. Many people want to hear more new melodic songs that remind them of the oldies and great music traditions of jazz, by blending old melodies with new beats and trends. In the end, all I want is to sing beautiful and meaningful songs.

Twist Online:What is the name of your debut song?
Aidar omar :
Seventeen (I am not sure what should we say here)

Twist Online:Say something about your musical journey?
Aidar omar :
I still consider myself an aspiring singer, I have started from making few original songs, in collaboration with few amazing local producers and then plan to start making few music videos as well. I love to sing covers of oldies and have a social media followers on Youtube and Facebook who like those oldies with some new twists and sounds. Overall, I feel lucky to meet all the great musicians to work with. And of course, my followers who like the direction I am taking. ways give me valuable feedback as well.

Twist Online:What do you do now a days?
Aidar omar :
Currently, I am working on few new original songs and want to follow up with music videos for them.

Twist Online:Let us know something about your future projects
Aidar omar :
Future projects might involve working on a Christmas songs album with few videos and also release 2nd album of modern swing songs

Twist Online:What is your message to your fans?
Aidar omar :
I want my fans to always be open minded about various music genres, explore music from all ages, styles, countries and tastes. Good music really has really a uniting, healing and rejuvenating effect on people. And of course I am always thankful to my fans for their support and feedback!

Twist Online:Any message for new artist?
Aidar omar :
I would also recommend any new artist to explore and find new ways to deliver beautiful music to people. I mean don’t shy away from trying something old and putting a new spin on it. After all, that what progress is, you learn something from the past and try to improve it. And always remember, music is something natural to people, to our souls, so sing with your heart!

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