Interview with Music producer, engineer & artist ‘Andrej’

Andrej is an artist Based in Kraljevo, Serbia. Working as a producer, engineer and an independent artist. His music is rock/pop with funk elements. We are sharing our recent interview with Andrej.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career.
Andrej : Being raised in a family where my father was an active musician, I grew up with music! Could hardly call that a career, obviously, but this is when the ball started rolling for me. They told me I was a musical kid, and in the early school years I won several local singing competitions, even though I had tonsils operation which changed my voice completely. But not before I was 12-13 have I got into music more seriously. My father taught me some chords on a guitar, showed me some good music (Deep Purple, The Beatles, Rainbow, Whitesnake…), the rest was history. I then invited my best friends, showed them this awesome music and together we made the band The Spiders, back in 2004. Aleksandar Rančić (Coa), guitarist and vocalist was the second founding member of The Spiders, and even these days, when I am producing my own original music, we have a music live act called Steamfunk, a 5-members band that performs authentic covers of famous tunes.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Andrej : My constant desire to make this world the better place with my music, to extent to which it will be possible. Emotions of love, anger, rebel, sex – the universal feeling that holds us all together.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release ?
Andrej : ‘Alive Again’ is the song I co-wrote with Anni Pea, my dear Estonian friend, who is also a super-talented writer and lyricist (check her work out, you’ll thank me later!). It is basically a song for which I’d written the music back in the teenage days, but thanks to Anni Pea, the song got a makeover and I’m proud of how it turned out to be after all these years. It is a song about a love, being alive again after the heartbreak and relieving after something very bad happens in one’s love on emotional level.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Andrej : The song ‘Alive again’ is available on all major streaming platforms. Most people’s reaction was that it sounds a bit indie, yet has elements of contemporary pop and funk, but I am not someone who likes to keep anything limited by genres. I just hope my music enlightens someone’s day, and this is my main motivation. You can purchase ‘Alive Again’ here:

Twist Online : What attracts you more, Working in studios or performing on stage?
Andrej : At this moment, this is a very tough question for me to answer I do both, with a live band Steamfunk, but I also spend a lot of time in studio. This is equally satisfying for me! The fact that I am able to do what I love musically is the key here, so I am immensely thankful for that.

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a music producer?
Andrej :
Being able to use music as a tool, or as a medium to enhance various emotions! Very simple, but also very true IMHO.

Twist Online : Have you set any goals to achieve?
Andrej :  To make a catalogue of songs, probably around 15, record music videos for couple of them and show them to the world. Also, completion of my new studio is on the sight for 2020.!

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Andrej : Yes! Along with my friend and partner Anni Pea; we’re working on couple of new songs, one of which is titled ‘Why Does it Have to Be Love’. Stay tuned for the updates!

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