Interview with pop singer Shannon K.

We are sharing our recent interview with music artist Shannon. Check it out !

Twist Online : Welcome! Tell us a little bit about yourself, how you got your start in music and how long you have been actively pursuing a career in the arts.

Shannon K: I am a pop singer and I was born in India brought up in London. I did my music from ABRSM. I’ve been singing professionally for two years but I’ve been singing since childhood. My start in music was kind of unexpected. I was 12 years old when my sister Annabel who was 9 at that time came home from school and was in tears and started to write something down. Annabel showed me her lyrics and I tried to put a melody into those heartbreaking, meaningful lyrics. My dad overheard me and decided that this song should be out in the world and that’s how I started my music.

Twist Online : Many artists/musicians feel as though their childhood played a role in their love for their music. Do you feel as though that is the case for you?

Shannon K: Ive always had love for music since childhood due to my father. Music has helped me in a lot of way including in a therapeutic way.

Twist Online : You’re incredibly young with quite a large fan base. How would you say you initially got your start and were able to get so ‘big’ so fast?

Shannon K: I started from zero like every other kid and first day I got ten fans, when I released my single I started performing and this helped me to gain more fans since I met them during the live performance. Honestly, it didn’t happen overnight. I’ve been loved by my dad’s fans and later on my own fans. It was surprising to see people who criticized me earlier became my fans eventually and I’m so grateful to all of them for liking my music.

Twist Online : Any challenges associated with being as such a young age? Perhaps having to deal with school and such?

Shannon K: It was hard initially but I never took my music as a “work” that I have to complete because I have always loved music and enjoyed working on it. Music is my escape and so I would never ever think it as “work”. It’s actually my free time where I can do what I love and be as creative as I can. I used to go to studio on the weekends and my teachers were always support about this.

Twist Online : Any advice to someone who wants also wants to become a pop star of some kind?

Shannon K: First of all I’m too young to give advise but all I can say is that if your really passionate about your career then put all your hard work into it. Never stop believing in yourself because there would be a lot of people out there who would try to bring you down in every possible way but at that time you should only focus on what your doing and be positive and have patience because things never happen overnight. Never give up!

Twist Online : Every pop star has a story behind the music. Take us through some low moments in your life that you have been able to overcome in your career.

Shannon K: I was bullied due to my lisping problem and that kinda discouraged me in such way that I would never raise my hand in class, I would always be terrified to talk to someone, I had this fear that people would laugh at me as soon as I speak so at that time singing was way out of the picture but Music did wonders for me along with some speech therapeutic sessions.

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Twist Online : As far as success, we have covered that. But tell us exactly what successes you have had that you are most proud of.

Shannon K: The most proud moment for me was when I performed the national anthem for the Hollywood post 43, American legion. It was an absolute honor for me.

Twist Online : Who inspires you to continue doing what you do? This can be a family member, friend, other artists, etc.

Shannon K: My dad inspirations me the most and he always says “keep working hard, you will definitely achieve your goal one day, but remember… things don’t happen overnight”
He says “no one gets anything before the right time and more then their destiny.” I also get inspired by the legend Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Bruno Mars, Adele. The iconic song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston is one my favorite songs of all time.

Twist Online : What is the next big thing for you in your endeavors? Touring? New album?

Shannon K: Next big thing would be a new album with some notable producers. My dad advises me to start touring after my high school graduation so my studies aren’t affected in any way.

Twist Online : Where can we find your music?

Shannon K: You can find my music on Spotify, iTunes, VEVO, YouTube and my social media Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @shannonsksinger

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