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Interview with Red On Red Rock Band

We recently interviewed the rock band RED ON RED. The band’s lead singer Bonnie spoke with us on the behalf of the band.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music band.
Red On Red : We began as a garage band, just jamming at first on the weekend coming up with ideas then we were offered a show and we have been jamming out on stages ever since.

Twist Online : How many band members you are and what are their responsibilities in the band ?
Red On Red : Our line up is Bonnie ( lead vocals and keys), Pablo Witting (Lead guitarist, vocals) , Andrew Bear ( drums) and Justin Scobie ( bass guitar, vocals) .

Twist Online : Your fans must be excited about your upcoming release “Providencia”. Tell us more about the album ?
Red On Red : Its named after the street “Providencia” we lived on during our visit to LA where we wrote many of the songs. The album cover has a picture of the back seat of our van which became our formal lounge! Luxury.
We had so many songs to pick from so we thought we would pick the songs to record by casting our votes forward. We believe that album captures the feelings and thoughts we had at the time, songs like Rockstar is about us thinking of when we were kids jumping on the bed flicking the lights on and off while holding on to a hairbrush as a microphone. Last Kiss Good Bye about a breakup, Thunder and lightning is about having people in your life that just can’t seem to let you live your own life and I could go on and on all day….

Twist Online : What do you enjoy more working in your studios or performing in concerts?
Red On Red : We enjoy both, as the experience is very different…. in the studio we have to be precise in what is played therefore we need to be polished before we go in to record making us push ourselves, this is also where we record a lot of the specific instrumental parts one at a time individually; so we need to bring our A game.
However; when we are on stage the energy and chemistry we have as a band and with fans who come to support us keeps us on a high. The venues change, the people change and the sound engineer changes so anything and everything is possible.

Twist Online : Are you inspired of someone in music industry?
Red On Red : Individually we all have someone(s) that gets us fired up for me Shirley Manson – Garbage , Pat Benatar , Joan Jett, Marie Fredriksson – Roxette , Taylor Monsen – Pretty Reckless and the list goes on ….
As a band we have so many rock influences AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin through to heavy music like Disturbed, Metallica and more.

Twist Online : You had chosen to be a rock band. Is there any reason behind choosing this particular genre?
Red On Red : Rock for me it’s like having my own one on one Dr Phil session, When I’m showing signs of madness I can express feelings in its raw form by screaming my lungs out. As a band we can all play and dabble in ballads and pop music however we are most comfortable and are at home in the rock/blues riffs.
We understand that in this age rock music or bands is often seen as aggressive and the masses may want to listen to more soft easy music that strokes their dysfunctions or demons. The thing about Rock music is that Rock will never comfort like a Lully bye, it can only release and expose your true identity. While it may come off as aggressive really it’s showing signs of sacredness, excitement and happiness all in one.

Twist Online : Any plans of releasing videos of any of your upcoming tracks ?
Red On Red : Yes we will be starring down the camera barrel in the near future with a video coming out, its under wraps at the moment.

Twist Online : Is there any project after providencia in your plans to be released in recent future?
Red On Red : As a band we have plenty of material and experiences to draw from so there will plenty more to come. To be honest we have already written another album and have so many ideas floating around in our heads.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Red On Red : They can follow us on
And here is our Website with other social media links :

http://Red On

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