Remus Tucker Band interview

Interview with Remus Tucker Band

We are sharing our recent interview with Remus Tucker about his hard hittin’ southern rock/outlaw country band ‘Remus Tucker Band.

First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
I was born in the back woods of Michigan and grew up singing and playing music with my family. We’d sit around at night and play old timey songs. My dad played banjo, so we hit Earl Scruggs songs and a host of others. I caught the bug and never looked back.

Who or what inspired you to get launch this band?
My deep love of music and enjoyment of playing for people inspired me to launch this band. I feel alive when I am on stage and the sound of applause is like nothing else in this world. So I would say people were the greatest inspiration. Fans fuel everything I do in my career.

Our readers would like to know about the band members and their roles in the band?

Lead Guitarist Tom Williams was born in the little town of Galax, Virginia. Galax is at the center of the Old Time and Bluegrass music world on the East Coast, and so naturally, music was a part of his life early on.

Rhythm guitarist Jimmie Clinton hails from the back woods of Tennessee. He learned his craft at the knee of his father, Jimmie Clinton Sr, who was a Nashville singer and song writer. Bass player and Webmaster/Road

Manager Chris Love grew up just outside of Chicago and “did time” in CA, AZ and MD before landing in Colorado. Playing bass and guitar since 1986 from Chicago to Nashville to Denver, Chris is no stranger to the music scene. He has quickly become one of the go to bassists for hire in the Denver area for country, rock, southern rock, classic rock and original projects. Chris handles the guitar and bass maintenance for the band as well.

Drummer Ryan Luther as just a youngster watched his cousin drum along to Billy Joel’s “Pressure”; and he’s been playing drums since. Performing went to the back burner after relocating to Northern Colorado. Yet a more recent move to the mountains crossed the path of Remus and the fellas and he joined at Remus’ request.

Remus Tucker Band

Tell us about your recent release “Lonely Mile” ?
I have performed for most of my life and the road can be hard and tragic. I felt the need to tell the story of a musician that is traveling and trying to do what he loves. It isn’t all glamorous and fun. There are many dark sides to the music business and stories like this brings all of that to light.

Any expected time frame for the 2nd Album release?
We are currently getting ready to release another single called Come On in the next month or so. We will release singles every few months and then eventually release an album. I feel this gives our fans a constant flow of music.

Performing on stage or working in studios, what do you enjoy more?
I love them both. There is nothing like playing for a live audience. It is an inspiration and keeps me striving to be better and give them more of myself in each performance. However, I also enjoy studio time. The creative process is like air to me. It feeds my soul and then when the final product is released, it is like giving birth to a whole new living being.

Any plans for tours for 2nd Album?
Once the album is finished and officially released, we definitely will set up a tour to support it. I love touring and seeing new places and meeting new people that become friends.

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