Interview with singer, songwriter & fashion designer Barbi

This week in our interview section we will be having an interview with Barbi, a singer-songwriter out of San Antonio.

She is a singer who is constructing fashion designs for International Fashion Week. These designs are based on her art (paintings) as an artist. Two very unique aspects to this show is that it is going to feature her music from her next album project and that these designs are going to be featured first to showcase the novel idea of having models walk with the paintings.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Barbi : I am an artist, singer-songwriter, writer, fashion designer in San Antonio.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Barbi : I have many inspirations in Music. I would listen to Don McLean when I was little. It was the first time I heard a singer – songwriter. Being too little to understand the music business I assumed all artists wrote their own songs. I found that because I was initially influenced by singer-songwriter’s like Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 for example, I was always compelled to try it. At first it was just a form of therapy when I felt no other artist had a song out there about my life or struggle. It was unexpected that I tried one final time in a recording studio to write an album of my own songs. I feel it was several factors that contributed to one moment where I just allowed myself to do it. It took a car crash to knock me out of holding back that talent. Of course, it was a process to get good at writing music. I started with a common theme most songwriters choose, crushes, love, feeling excited about love, and feeling sad about it.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent project ‘?
Barbi : Recently, as I progressed as a songwriter, I’ve challenged myself to write on topics like female empowerment. I have written a song called “Alpha Female.” I want women who might feel abused or down in life to repeat the words like an affirmation. I hope to get a lot of women out their out of negative mindsets and into a solid one to take on life’s challenges.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the release?
Barbi : So far people are excited about my music. I sang for a magazine cover party, where the cover model was a leading fitness professional in my town. I told her about this new project and she is helping me train for a video where I can look ripped. It should be interesting to see that happen. I’ve been swimming a 5 or 6 in the morning and then wieght training. Her gym is a women only gym. We have similar goals!

Twist Online : What attracts you more, performing on stage or working in studios?
Barbi : I was recently invited to sing for a 9 time Emmey Award winner’s party. I did not have a whole set planned. I was asked to preform “Ave Maria” but later took on other songs as the night progressed. I guess the experience was a little nerve wrecking in the same way a person would feel giving a speech with no preparation. At the same time it is insanely exhilarating and my heart longs to connect with people on another level that dogged reversal might wipe away. It was said Martin Luther king Jr tossed out his written speech to blurt out, ” I have a dream.” I feel being authentic is more important.

Twist Online : You also have love for fashion, tell us more about that ?
Barbi : Yes, I’ve had a love of standing out! I would not only sing for my 5th grade choir, I auditioned for lead parts but once I got them I’d break the rules a little and glitter up the uniform or something like that. In high school I would draw out full designs, and make butterfly patches to sew on my jeans. Just like music, fashion just progressed as I stuck with it. I stuck with it so long that I’m participating in International Fashion Week. My designs have graduated in complexity and sophistication, but what I see is just a long road I decided to take one day…years later…lots of bumps too…I achieved a big dream of mine!

Twist Online : What was the inspiration behind collaborating art with fashion and music?
Barbi : I have always painted, been an artist, but music, fashion, and even writing are just new mediums. Like instead of paint, I’m choosing to express with fabric. It also brings a fresh take on clothing and what it means. It is not just covering us, it says something, it is wearable art.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Barbi : Yes, I am working on a new book. I released my first book about art called, “Hands.” With “Hands” I wanted to introduce a new type of educational book to the book market. I noticed art books are “How-To” and technical, or they are historical type books….but no stories. There wasn’t anything I have come across in all my life as an artist needing art books for inspiration/learning from the greats in art. I could easy get a bio of a famous artist and life story, but nothing explaining why art. Why do we create? That’s what I answered in my own book.

The next book is another fiction work. It also answers greater questions and is based around the female empowerment theme of my latest song. Look out for It! Details should be announced as I create.


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