Interview with Super Dang

We recently interviewed Super Dang from Spin Gurus, India’s 1st professional DJ & Music Production Academy.

Twist Online: First of all, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Super Dang: I’m Jitesh Dang aka Dang or Super Dang based in New Delhi, India. I started my musical career as a DJ, I started with playing at nightclubs, corporate events, and family celebrations, later in life, I started producing music, and now in 2019, I have morphed into a full-time rapper and music producer.

Twist Online: Who or what inspired you to launch Spin Gurus?

Super Dang: I learned DJing from a friend of mine, a pioneer traveling to America to study, what was then the new and exciting art of DJing.

While performing at events, I usually get a lot of queries on how to become a DJ, and as there was no professional DJ academy in India at that time, I took it as an opportunity and started the first branch of Spin Gurus in Delhi in 2005, which incidentally was also India’s first professional DJ academy.

Twist Online: We came to know about your new “Sound Engineering Course”, our readers would like to know more about it?

Super Dang: We felt that sound engineering was a much understudied subject, even people with great production skills were just not aware of the technologies available and to fill in that gap, we thought of a course that would introduce the future sound professionals to the entire spectrum.

Our sound engineering course focuses on how to record a sound, as well as the operation of recording studio equipment. Other important topics includes; music theory, ear training, audio editing, multi-channel editing, post-production, mixing and mastering and also how to effectively use a variety of software and hardware such as the SSL mixing console, Ableton, and Pro Tools, etc.

Twist Online: What kind of response have you received so far?

Super Dang: We have received a great response from both prospective students as well as our ex-students for our sound engineering course. After successfully completing almost 15 years in DJ & Music Production training industry, Sound Engineering Course was the most logical extension to our curriculum. We were pleased to start the same and were privileged to have the most talented professionals in the sound engineering industry as our faculty.

Twist Online: What’s the ratio of international students in your academy?

Super Dang: Though a majority of our students come from across India, we have a healthy international alumni, with 20-25 international students from across the world every year, since 2005, nearly 15 years, we have trained DJs and Music Producers from more than 20 countries globally.

Twist Online: Can you brief our readers about the Dance Music scene in India?

Super Dang: The dance music scene in India is booming. With international exposure, world famed artists are regularly performing to packed houses in India and the shows being sold out as soon as they are announced. The Indian audience has become very music savvy, not compromising, but expecting the best in class and having set the benchmarks very high. I must say that the dance music scene in India is completely on an upswing.

Twist Online: Bollywood music is going global, and you are surely helping the cause?

Super Dang: The expat Indian has now become a global icon, flourishing in every country and with them, they have taken their love for all things Bollywood. From Bollywood nights at local pubs to Bollywood themed parties and weddings, even for non-Desis. Today, Bollywood music has a globally recognized identity, which is its very own.

In addition to that, the Bollywood movies nowadays gets multi-million dollars opening globally, you will be surprised, Dangal, a Bollywood blockbuster movie starring Aamir Khan did a business of USD 173 million in China alone. The global box office collections were much higher. In short, Bollywood has crossed international borders and has become a major genre of its own.

DJ’s trained at Spin Gurus have the unique skill set to understand the soul of this genre, something you cannot learn without living it and they are at the forefront of popularizing it globally.

Twist Online: So what’s up next?

Super Dang: Expanding, and spreading the music globally, starting from our branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Lucknow to may be going international very soon.

Click here to know more about the courses offered by Spin Gurus

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