Interview with talented and inspiring Elle Renee

This week in our interview section we will be having an interview with music artist Elle Renee.

Elle Renee was born Danielle Renee Romano in Toronto, Canada at Mount Sinai hospital. Her childhood was filled with laughter, gardening, rollerblading, and using that beautiful voice of hers.

At the young age of three, Elle Renee picked up a karaoke mic at a family event. Her small voice belted throughout the room and for the first time, Elle Renee knew she’d be a star. She’d spend hours dreaming that one day her voice would be heard in a sold out auditorium empowering a crowd.

Elle Renee experienced the harsh realities of bullying as a child which further pushed her musical exploration further. Elle made it her business to empower bullied and battered children through her music. Her heart and philanthropic thinking sets her apart from other artists.

Elle continued working on her craft until she was discovered by Donavan McLeod of the Vanguard Group ivisiting New York to work on a demo 2015. Elle Renee is focused, determined for greatest all while perfecting her craft. Her greatest performance to date is performing at New York Fashion Week for MSG in 2017.


Interview will be shared soon here on this page. Meanwhile you can enjoy listening to the latest track ‘Jungle’.

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