Interview with Trae Byrnes Band !

We recently had an interview with Trae Byrnes band. Sharing it here with our readers.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your band?

Trae Byrnes : (Liam Teague) “It started unexpectingly at a McDonalds. Liam Teague (bassist) was a cashier at McDonalds when Aidin menagele (guitarist) came up to order. Instantly a friendship developed over their mutually love for Escape The Fate. Both being the age of 18 and 16 respectably.Danny Eddz (vocalist) began chiefing with the two, and like the duo’s early sound. A trio quickly developed. In need to expand the band’s early sound, Christopher Chi (guitarist) and Jonny Tripp (drums) were added to flesh the band out”.


Twist Online : Our readers would like to know about your band members and their roles in the band?

Trae Byrnes : Vocals – Danny Eddz

Guitar – Aidin “DaMangs” Mengele

Guitar – Christopher Chi

Bass – Liam Teague

Drums – Jonny Tripp


Twist Online : We really loved your Track “Your Halo”. What was the inspiration behind this song?

Trae Byrnes : (Danny Eddz) “The inspiration behind the “Your Halo” is people on social media being hypocrites about day to day life situations”.

Twist Online : “Deviant” is so melodious and professionally done. We would love to know more about this track.

Trae Byrnes : (Danny Eddz) “First of all, the drums and bass line go hand and hand with one another. The guitars add a tone of sex appeal to it. The drum beat is sick and disgusting (in a good way) and the vocals are just the cherry on top! The song talks about how we are all slowly decaying away without even noticing it”.

(Jonny Tripp) “It makes you want to be a deviant”.

Twist Online : What attracts you more performing on stage or working in studios?

Trae Byrnes : (Liam Teague) “The actual performance of our songs. Recording songs is more work than fun when playing live. Nothing is better than getting a pop from the crowd”.

(Jonny Tripp) “You can visibly watch the type of feelings and emotions the music brings out in people when you’re on stage. It’s a high that most opiates can only dream of reaching of”.

(Danny Eddz) “I personally like recording more because it’s the time where you create your product and I love to see how it sounds from when we first start writing it to when we finish recording it”.


Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?

Trae Byrnes : (Liam Teague) “Quote on quote “Alternative”.” We love At The Drive-in, Deftones, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Underoath

(Danny Eddz) “Alternative and Indie music”.

(Jonny Tripp) “Metal. Nothing else is music. There is one genre and one genre only, metal”.


Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve as a music band?

Trae Byrnes : (Liam Teague) “Get a record real. Be rich and famous. Make some good music too”.

(Jonny Tripp) “Every band has goals that they work toward. It’s the proverbial coal that powers our engine. TraeTV!”

(Danny Eddz) “To be bigger and better than The Beatles”.


Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?

Trae Byrnes : (Liam Teague) “We are going to the studio in May to record a new song. It’s gonna be a banger tho”.

(Danny Eddz) “We’re working on an EP too”.

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