Interview with up and coming rap artist Destinee Lynn

“I Love To Sing❤️, I can’t escape the melodies and the harmonies Through Out my music & you can still hear it In my music today.It’s a major part of my journey because that’s how it started. That’s what I enjoyed the most. The r&b side is everything to me I was very talkative and outspoken, music always came so easy for me.”

This week in our interview section we will be interviewing an upcoming rap artist Destinee Lynn.

She has been making music since last few years but in last couple of years her music career is on the rise (She gives credit of this success mainly to her management “Trae G”)

And with her recent project She released a new Single “FALLEN” feat DJ Luke nasty Which has already made blog Placement an #1 on reverberation. She is staying consistent with the music videos. The shows & Recording at the best studios. She is now featured artist on indie All star tour working with rob Terell & wealth nation .

Want to know more about her? Stay tuned to this page for upcoming conversation with this talented Rap artist.

Meanwhile you can enjoy here single.

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