Interview with young & talented DJ BAzzJoke

BAzzJoke, currently at the age of 17, has been already djing in Komplex 457 in Zurich on the mainstage and has been booked for his first club gig at 14. We are sharing our recent interview with him.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career.
BAzzJoke :
I’ve seen several DJ-sets from Tomorrowland by Hardwell, when I was 11 years old. So, 2 weeks later I already bought a small dj controller to just play around and have fun. I then immediately fell in love with djing and asked lots of youth clubs in my area to play there. At Age 14, I got booked for my first club gig in a small club near my town. Then, later on, when I was around 15 I started producing too. Mostly because pretty much all the djs out there produce. So, now I’m 17 and do both and really enjoy it!

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
: Hardwell and Martin Garrix were my big idols who led me into the world of edm. I just enjoy their music and wanted to transmit that energy I felt to a crowd like they do.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming release Best for You?
BAzzJoke :
It’s my biggest project so far. Several people worked on it. It’s, as you can hear, inspired by Robin Schulz, Felix Jaehn and Lost Frequencies. The lyrics basically are about trying your best to proof your worth it. Everyone makes mistakes but you earn a second chance. I’m excited what people will think about it.

Twist Online : What kind of response you are expecting from the release?
BAzzJoke :
I hope Best for You will find it’s listeners and in the best case makes people dance and sing along. That’d be the perfect outcome.

Twist Online : What attracts you more, Working in studios or performing on stage?
BAzzJoke :
Well, at both places I can show my passion to other people and let them pick up and dance from the sometimes boring or even stressful everyday life. Inviting them to forget the daily routine and just have a good time. On stage the adrenaline kicks in and in the studio it’s quite more relaxing and calm. I enjoy both.

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a music producer?
BAzzJoke :
One thing that really fascinates me, is how producers from all over the world can work together, share the positive vibes and try to help improve your skills. I think that’s really cool!

Twist Online : Have you set any goals to achieve?
BAzzJoke :
Yes, plenty. Of course in the beginning I dreamt about playing Tomorrowland and other big festivals. But know I’m trying to achieve one smaller step at a time. If it works out in the end, maybe I reach this goal.

Twist Online : Are you working on other any new project?
BAzzJoke :
Yes. I’m constantly playing around and try out other genres. Perhaps there will be coming a future bass track soon. I have a few tracks laying around, that I should be able to finish quite soon.

Twist Online : Are you active on social media? What’s the best way to follow you online?
BAzzJoke :
Of course. I guess I’m most active on Instagram. But I’m almost everywhere 😀

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