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Knowing the Seven Day Sons Band

Seven Day Sons are an independent Canadian Rock band whose styles are rooted in the tradition of bands like Kings Of Leon, Stone Temple Pilots & Big Wreck. Comprised of four members Pat DiMeo (Vocals), FigZ Gorup (Guitars), Alex Pinette (Bass) & Johnny Zambito (Drums,) their catchy tunes with a taste of classic rock influenced hooks grabbed the attention of long time friend & producer Hiren Mistry (Big Wreck, Monster Truck & Billy Talent) along with a team of industry professionals including Harry Hess (Barenaked Ladies, Big Wreck, Billy Talent) from Toronto, Ontario. Within a few months of self-assembling the group through mutual friends in Montreal, Quebec, the band made their way out to Toronto, Ontario in early 2016 to make their recording debut possible at the world renowned “Vespa Music Group.” 2016 will prove to be a big year for the Seven Day Sons. With just weeks before the launch of their first ever EP, they’re first single “War Of Our Love” (EP of the same name) has been receiving positive reviews from blogs and websites and a considerable amount of airplay on various radio stations.”

We had an opportunity to have a conversation with Seven Day Sons band’s member Pat DiMeo. We had a very interesting conversation with him on behalf of Seven Day Sons Band.

Twist Online: First Tell us a little about your past and your entrance into music industry.
Seven Day Sons: Speaking on behalf of the band, we’ve all been in various bands prior to Seven Day Sons. We all are quite experienced as musicians, and really want to do this for a living. We’re very excited for what’s to come for this band.

Twist Online: Tell us about how Seven Day Sons came into existence?
SDS: We started in late October 2015. FigZ and I (Pat DiMeo) met in early 2015 and quickly started writing music together. I got in touch with one of my old time friends John Zambito who is one of the most talented drummers I’ve ever met. We then put up an add on KIJIJI and found our (also very talented) bassist Alex Pinette quite quicky. The band formed easily I must say!

Twist Online: What types of music you like?
SDS: We’re into Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative and some good ol’ pop music!

Twist Online: Is there any inspiration behind the music? Who inspires you in the Music Industry?
SDS: There are many artists we have to consider here. It’s quite a long list. While discovering our identity and sound, it was evident as to whom we’d grab our inspirations from. We’re very much into bands like: Kings of Leon, Stone Temple Pilots, City & Colour etc… We believe that these mentions are quite apparent when listening to our music. After all, at the tip of the iceberg, we really are just a unique blend; generating rock music (that we hope) will last a lifetime.

Twist Online: Do you set goals for yourself and how do you do so?
SDS: We have a calendar on the wall of our jam space and have planned the rest of 2016 out. We have a lot happening in the next few months. So keep an eye out for us!

Twist Online: Tell us about your songs?
SDS: I must say that our songs are written on a very personal level. At the core, they’re songs along the lines of love and heartbreak. We wrote close to 40 something tunes by January 2016 and it was very difficult checking off the best 5 songs out of the 40 that we considered taking with us to record in studio.

Twist Online: Being a Rock band, I suppose Rock is your favorite style, is it?
SDS: Yes, HaHa! I mean this band really represents all of us. We complement each other’s talents using the style of Rock music. We’re really proud of our work so far.

Twist Online: What is the motivation behind your work?
SDS: I guess what motivates us most is the very fact that we’ve all been in other bands before including people who don’t really want to do this for a living. We all have similar interests in this band and we all want to really do this for a living. We’re giving it a shot, and we’re giving the best we’ve got.

Twist Online: When will we be able to see your next release?
SDS: Our full EP which was recorded at Vespa Music Group in Toronto, Ontario, will be released on May 27th, 2016. It was quite the experience recording with industry we’ll be promoting our first single “War Of Our Love” for a couple of months. We’ll see how it receives and calculate our other single release from then on.

Twist Online: If people like your music, how can they follow you?
SDS: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram

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