Its The Time to Know More About “Glass Mansions”

Recently we reviewed the “Matches” by Glass Mansions and our readers really liked that and some of our readers insisted on having Glass Mansions on our “Hot Seat”. So today we have them with us. Let’s have chat with them.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career.
Glass Mansions :  Glass Mansions came about in 2010 when a previous band, that two of us were in, broke up.  We started writing for a new project which became Glass Mansions, we recorded our debut album, did an acoustic tour, and then after trial and error have found a lineup that we love.

Twist Online : What are the names of band members and what are their roles in the band?
Glass Mansions :  Jayna Doyle (vocals), Blake Arambula (synth, bass, rhythm guitar), Patrick Beardsley (lead guitar), Rodney Liles, Jr (drums).

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release “MATCHES” ?
Glass Mansions :  “MATCHES” is about taking a good thing and ruining it out of one’s own selfishness.  I paralleled the lyrics about someone I knew that ran through lovers as easily as a book of matchsticks.  It’s been a while since we’ve released a faster paced full-force rock song and this one is so fun to play live.

Twist Online : Fans really enjoy your stage performances. Where you will be touring next?
Glass Mansions :  Right now we’ve got The Burritour coming up and several more dates to be announced for the fall.  This will be our first time out on the road sponsored by Taco Bell as a Feed the Beat artist and we’re really looking forward to those late night post-show tacos. Upcoming tour dates are here:
8/11 – Myrtle Beach, SC @ Island Bar
8/12 – Columbia, SC @ Art Bar
8/13 – Greenville, SC @ Radio Room
8/14 – Nashville, TN @ East Room
8/15 – Memphis, TN @ Cove Bar
8/16 – St Louis, MO @ The Firebird
8/17 – Fayetteville, AR @ Nomads
8/18 – Dallas, TX @ The Prophet Bar
8/19 – Austin, TX @ The Sidewinder
8/20 – Houston, TX @ Fitzgerald’s
8/21 – Lafayette, LA @ Feed N Seed
8/22 – Mobile, AL @ Merry Widow
8/23 – Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits
8/24 – Savannah, GA @ The Wormhole
8/25-28 – Charleston, SC @ New Music Confab

Twist Online : Is there any story behind the name “Glass Mansions”?
Glass Mansions :  When coming up with the name we wanted to be represented by something that resonates with us.  The idea behind the name is a visual concept that we are immense but fragile, powerful but vulnerable and that we are all Glass Mansions.

Twist Online : What is the music genre of your band?
Glass Mansions : Indie-electro/pop.

Twist Online : As a band what’s the target you want to achieve?
Glass Mansions :  To be a full time touring band.  We’re getting there, but we’ve made steps to make this our career.  There’s several more tours in our future, new music, we’d like to tour Europe – our main goal is to keep networking and making/meeting new fans, making our OG fans proud and to keep sharing our music.

Twist Online : Any new project you are working on? When it will be released?
Glass Mansions : We’ve been working on new music for the past few years making sure that our next EP is made of the best music we’ve ever created.  We will be releasing another single, “Nightswimming,” before our next EP is released.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Glass Mansions : YES!  Please follow us and say hey!  We respond to everyone 🙂
Instagram: @glassmansions
Twitter: @glassmansions
YouTube: Glass Mansions
Snapchat: username: @glassmansions

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