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We recently interviewed John Thacker a singer and songwriter from Manchester UK. His album ‘Hear’ came out last year to a positive reception (iTunes), He recently released his first music video Fall Down. We really enjoy conversation with this talented artist. Here is what we got for you.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your music career.

John Thacker : I’ve always wrote music since I was younger, but it was only a few years back that I started taking it further. I must have wrote a good hundred songs but I had a few favourites, I went into the studio by chance and played around, I then fell in love with putting songs I’ve wrote into actual songs. I released some small EP’s in the beginning – which I now realise was a mistake, they were very basic – which then led to working with more people, writing more songs.

Twist Online : You recently released your first music video “Fall Down” tell us about that?

John Thacker : It took a long time for the music video to be released, the song has been out now for nearly two years, I knew I wasn’t ready to move on from the song until I had done a video. I wanted the video to reflect the song, realising that things have gone wrong, but also realising you’ll be stronger for it and that it’s gonna be ok. I came up with the blackboard idea having people write on the board something they’re proud of overcoming – it was powerful hearing the different things people wrote onto the blackboard, It made me realise that everybody you pass on the street has a different story to tell.

Twist Online : How was response to your Album released last year titled “Hear”?

John Thacker : I’m still overwhelmed by the response to my album, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I’m grateful for all the reviews and comments, especially comments that a song from the album has helped them or they’ve related to.

Twist Online : Are you inspired of someone in music industry?

John Thacker : Oh so many people! Regina Spektor inspires me in so many ways, her music is completely organic, there is nothing commercial about Regina Spektor, no songs to be made ‘for the radio’ – my least favourite phrase. Spektor’s songs are about moments, feelings, capturing the flawed venerability of life, and for me that’s what music is all about. I’m also a big fan of Sigur Ros, Sara Bareilles, Angus & Julia Stone, José González, Jason Mraz, Jamiexx, Lianne La Havas, the list goes on…

Twist Online : What’s your favourite music genre and what’s the reason?

John Thacker : I don’t think of music in genre’s, I have something in my music collection from each ‘genre’ as long as I connect with it in some way, whether it’s dancing to a house track, or relaxing to an acoustic country track, if I feel something then I like it.

Twist Online : Do you write you own songs?

John Thacker : All of my songs come from feelings or moments in my life. Writing lyrics is my favourite part of making music, it’s unrestricted, you can do anything with lyrics. I’ve worked with some people in the past who try and ‘sit down and write a song’, which I find impossible to do, music comes from living, you can’t force a song unless your making it for purpose instead of passion.

Twist Online : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?

John Thacker : In the past few years I’ve been trying to focus less long term and focus on smaller term goals, it can be overwhelming something thinking of all the things you want to do in the future while other people seem to succeed you feel stood still. In the next year I’d like to release a couple of new EP’s, I’m looking to do a mini-tour, I’ve always wanted to do some busking also, outside of music I’m working on various acting projects and I also do video editing so I’m just letting things happen at the moment and seeing where it takes me.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new Project? When it will be released?

John Thacker : I have a new EP that’s very very near finishing! It should be released between August and September sometime, it’s a little different from my previous work, I’ve played around with new sounds and I think the outcome is very exciting! I’m working with various producers at the moment so I’ve got some collaborations due out over the summer as well! It’s been great to get back making music again, and I’ve got some exciting stuff planned.

Twist Online : How your fans can follow you online? Are you on social media?

John Thacker : I have twitter and Instagram, both are @johnjjst. You can follow me on , and also my Facebook page!

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