Its Time To Know More About Rock Band “Subztain”

We recently interviewed Sweden based rock/metal band “Subztain”. They have recently released their latest album, Brothers by choice not by blood. Band’s Vocals Artist “Antz” replied our question on the behalf of band. And here is our conversation :

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your Band.
Subztain : From the very beginning we only sat and recorded songs in the studio. After a while , we wanted to go out and play them so then we looked up a drummer who Antz already knew . The band was then known under another name. Marcus came in about 2 years after the band started and shortly thereafter we changed our name to subztain.

Twist Online : Why you chose the name Subztain is there any reason or influence behind it?
Subztain : The name is a pun/ Word game on the words sustain and substance. We wanted a name that sounded emphatically in our ears , and which also had little depth. Hence the name subztain .

Twist Online : Our readers will like to know about your band members and their responsibility in band.
Subztain : we are currently four members in the band.
Vocals Antz
Guitar Marcus
Drums Dennis
Bass Fredrik
We try to run the band as a company and usually we give out tasks to the band members to work with.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent Album “Brothers by choice not by blood”?
Subztain : Well we recorded the album in our own studio. Funny thing, Half way throughout the recording process of the whole album, our studio equipment caught fire and got destroyed. We were stranded in the production for about a week or two until we geared up with new equipment. And of course we had to redo everything all over again.

Twist Online : Single “brothers by choice not by blood” is getting popular on spotify. You must be excited about this?
Subztain : We still can’t believe that it’s true. Somebody must be playing April fools on us but the friggin song is still ticking haha. We are very happy for that mega response we have received on the song. There’s no knowing of where it will go but we are happy for every single Play we get on the song. Thank you so much to all of you friends out there!!!

Twist Online : Are there any plans of releasing video of the Album?
Subztain : we actually recorded a video but it seems that the equipment we use to do our stuff is jinxed because the material broke as well. But we have a few ideas on a few more videos that will come out and a nearby future.

Twist Online : Why you chosed to be a Rock/metal band. Any particular reason for going for this music genre?
Subztain : Well Sweden is kind of known for its rock music and growing up in that particular climate the choice was pretty obvious. But there is serious love for Rock and metal music in our brotherhood in the band. We all have our different idols that play either a rock or some kind of good music that influence you to be who we are. But music isn’t all about one particular genre for me (antz). I’m sure the guys would say the same but if you’re good song it doesn’t matter if it’s rock, pop, reggae, country, blues or whatever music style is out there. A good song is a good song.

Twist Online : Any other projects you are working on?
Subztain : I (Antz) am a working musician and Play in a few bands covering other people’s music. I also play as a troubadour at bars and such. The dream is of course to be able to make a living out of subztain and tour the world to experience new places, meet new cool people and live life to its fullest.

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Subztain : yes we are. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and on our own website

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