It’s time to know more about “Turn Down”

We recently interviewed Harold Galvan from turn down. He recently released a single Facing Tomorrow. Here is our conversation with him.

Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music industry?
Hi, I’m Galvan from Turn Down a Rock,Hard Rock, alternative solo project. I got into the music industry in 1993.

Who or what inspired you as an artist growing up?
It was 1982 and a friend of mine played Van Halen on his 8 track. The first thing i heard was Eruption, a 1 minute 42 second solo. I asked my friend,”what is that? How is he making the guitar sound like that!”. That’s all it took, I wanted to be Eddie Van Halen. From there, I was introduced to Queen,Quiet Riot,Ozzy Osborne, they were my inspiration.

Any particular story behind the name “Turn Down”?
Kind of a silly story. In the bands that I have played, we would hear,”Can you turn down a little?” Of course if we wanted to continue playing there, we had to turn the volume down. The band members would also want me to turn my amp up more, and I would always turn down. Its also the irony of Turn Down, but turn that track up to 11!

Tell us about your recent single “Facing Tomorrow”?
Facing Tomorrow is an important track to me. This is the first song that I have fully completed by myself. In bands, I would have an idea and record the Guitars with a drum machine. If I had vocals in mind, I would sing with back up harmonies. That was mainly to relay what I was feeling then the band would all come in, and if it was good we would keep it or make changes as a band. Facing Tomorrow, I play all the guitars,bass,vocals,harmonies and recorded and mixed in my studio located in my garage. The response to the song has been positive and I’m in the process of recording more.

You had played guitar for two great rock bands, what kind of experience was that?
My first band was Black Rain in 1993. A friend that left the band told me I would be a great addition, and I should try out. I didn’t know how to do a guitar solo, but my friend assured me I would just play rythm guitar. So when I tried out, I Went in thinking rythm guitar. The tryout went well, they liked my ideas, then they asked me to solo. The drummer played something, a guitar solo came out, that was that, one month later we were touring around. That band was the first local band to open at the mid state fair on the grandstand opening for a major recording artist, The Damn Yankees. :)We almost got signed, but all of us had other careers that we pursued. The other band was Rusted Stone. This was a project from the guitarist of Black Rain. Shawn Logan and I created mjusic and opened up for some big artist, some being Buck Cherry,Fuel,Puddle of Mudd,Black Stone Cherry, and Otherwise to name a few. A great experience that Ill never forget.

What was inspiration behind getting into making your own music?
Well I left my last band due to family, Musical direction, and I felt that I was holding them back due to them wanting to play out more often, and I would want to play out less and go into the studio, so I chose to leave and was going to stip playing music altogether. I didn’t pick up my guitar for months. I finally did and came up with Facing Tomorrow. My daughter said it sounded great, so instead of placing an add in the classifieds, I decided to see if I could do it all myself. The results are Facing Tomorrow.

What’s your favorite music genre? any particular reason?
I like Rock and Hard Rock. I tend to like the groove of a great guitar riff. It gets me amped up and ready for the day. But I like lots of genres. If the music is good, I can respect it.

What are your future goals as an artist?
I intend to record more of my ideas and continue to complete them myself and hopefully have a full CD to distribute.

Are you working on any other solo project?
Well Turn Down will be my only solo project. So far im getting positive results and if it gets better, who knows, maybe a full band? But right now im fine solo.

Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
I have a few websites people can check out and become a fan. I also like to pick random people to send download codes for a free download of Facing Tomorrow. And anyone who likes my music is important to me, I like to keep fans up to date with whats going on and there comments are vital. There are also links on my sites to purchase the track on itunes, Amazon and most of the CD retailers.
and my two Facebook pages, Turn Downs and my personal one.

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