J A C K & P C by 10past9 is getting viral !

We came across the recently released ‘J A C K & P C‘ by artist 10past9. Its so special music got viral on soundcloud more than 1 million plays. You will definitely love the music, vocals and lyrics. Everything perfect about this track.

About Artist

10past9 aka Kyle is a talented music artist from Orange County. Originally from California and raised all over SoCal.He does Neo soul mixed with the sounds of now. His message isn’t a message at all but more poems of what his life has been through and the hearts he has broken as a man. His voice and his sound were both born through oldies and gospel music. Church is a huge influence in his music.
He is a very private person. He try to keep his music simple and straight to the point. He want his listeners to hear what he has to say more so than get lost in the ability of the engineer or producer.

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