Jalen McMillan

Jalen McMillan releases “Greatest Hits” album

To celebrate a turn in the decade Jalen McMillan’s management team releases all his biggest songs from the start of Jalen’s professional career in 2013, all the way to his most recent release “Cash Talk” , which just passed 10 million plays on his Soundcloud.

Fans can stream the album from his website – https://jalenmcmillan.com/

Here are some notable songs & achievements from the album.

“Like You” – Jalen’s very first music video. Filmed & recorded summer 2013 & directed by Roberto Mario, it features Jalen in Miami Beach. “Like You” was written & produced by Jalen in 15 minutes while he was high off molly. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml1KOZmvdq0

“Until the End” – Lead single off Jalen’s first album “Genesis”. This was Jalen’s first time going “viral” after the hastag #JalenMcMillanUntilTheEnd was a trending topic on Twitter for over 24 hours. Directed by Roberto Mario the music video was filed in over 5 locations & has a surprise ending – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_7gbZtj2fk

“Air Max 95” – After taking a hiatus from 2015-2018 to focus on his real estate career, McMillan came back stronger than ever with his comeback single’s “Air Max 95’s” & “Call my Name”. While Call my Name was a single geared more for Jalen’s female fan base, Air Max 95’s showcased a bull of the leash side of Jalen never shown before. The single had critics calling it one of the “best come backs of all time” & was the start of an incredibly successful 2019 campaign. –https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/air-max-95

“Cash Talk” – The final single of Jalen McMillan’s decade was “Cash Talk”. Released on December 6th 2019, the song reached 10 million Soundcloud plays in just under 15 days. While far less hype than his usual song, Cash Talk is club, BBQ & festival ready. – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/jalen-mcmillan-cash-talk

As for 2020’s campaign McMillan is currently in LA recording his next mixtape intitled “Inferno”, set to release January 2020. Fans can visit Jalen’s website https://jalenmcmillan.com/ For more information.  

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