JayBump’s Produced New Rap Track “VIBE” A Door to His Future Success !

Jordan Bumpus known by the name JayBump who is a graduate student from Murray based from Indianapolis, Indiana, is trying to make it big in 2016. Bump is qualified to produce music, graphic design and DJ on the side. 

He has been producing music for the past 16 years and takes whatever opportunity comes his way. He works with all different kinds of artists and producers. JayBump is also known for making and producing music videos in his local area, as well as doing some graphic design work for others. He will make, polish and promote flyers for off campus events.

“I would rather be in the background or behind the scenes for the music or promotions that I do,” JayBump said. “I love to collaborate with others and make it happen.”

One of JayBump’s recent collaborations resulted in him producing a beat for K.U.T. on the track entitled “Vibe”. JayBump is responsible for shaping a signature sound here: a minimal beat filtered through a hazy, hypnotic wash of kick drum and mournful bass, laced with synth strings.

JayBump is very talented and ability of stripping rap music down to its barest essentials, while he toughens up the all-round sound. This obviously produces a tight, yet uncluttered soundscape, allowing plenty of room for rappers like K.U.T. to lean their flow and rhymes upon.

In fact, the production on “Vibe”, is an opportunity that K.U.T. does not let slip by, as he digs in gloriously. You can tell every syllable uttered in this entire song was extensively hand crafted and meticulously analyzed to become one with the production music. Every flow and verse is literally part of the music. K.U.T.’s rhymes are tight, rugged, and well timed. This is high-quality, high-powered hip-hop.

JayBump’s unmistakable sound will no doubt, eventually make him in-demand producer, as he continues to collaborate, and lend his chops to upcoming artists. It’s rare to find young and talented artists, this focused and ambitious, but then JayBump is not your ordinary music maker. “I would love to move to Los Angeles or New York,” says JayBump. “There is a much bigger market out there then just Murray and I want to be a part of that.”

I would advise to get your beats now, before JayBump climbs the ladder and becomes way out of reach!


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