Jesse Man The Boss shares all about his professional life

Today on our Hot Seat we have Jesse who goes by the name ‘Jesse Man The Boss’. A very enthusiastic and passionate artist who worked really hard on the road to success. We would like to ask him about his work and professional life. Lets have chat with him.
Twist Online : Born in a Liberia means a tough life. What kind of hardships you had to face early in your life?
Jesse : To be very concise I’ve faced poverty, suffered starvation, and even through it all I’ve survived 14 years of civil war.

Twist Online : What was the motivation behind your success to become a music artist?
Jesse : My motivation stems from others. I can say that people in general are my motivation. With my music, I try putting myself in a position where I can impact the lives of others in a positive way.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release ‘Take My Hand’?
Jesse : ‘Take My Hand’ is my first released debut single. It brought a unique kind of energy out of me. Making this song was like having the universe work perfectly together, along with my creativity. The song is a hit and it resonates with music lovers. In terms of musical composition, style, and production, ‘Take My hand’ has it’s audience in various genres. It’s actually a song that can grow on you. That is all I can say about the song so far. It speaks for itself, and brings people together.

Twist Online : Your music video is perfect in all aspects. How is your fans response to your video ?
Jesse : My fans love the video. They couldn’t stop chanting at the video release party after seeing it for the first time. Now everywhere I go, ’Take My Hand’, ’Take My Hand’. They really appreciate my music, talents, and abilities to get things done and I’m humbled. There have been calls and messages to congratulate me; from here in the US, and overseas.

Twist Online : Any other project in queue for your next release?
Jesse  : Sure. I have songs I can’t wait to release, but I have to do it right. Now,  there are two challenges that I face which are managing my busy schedule to focus on my music and paying the cost of music production with today’s demanding life. But these challenges are minor to my passion and love for music especially since I always try to find a way to get things done.

Twist Online : Are you inspired by someone in the music industry?
Jesse : When bringing up the topic of the industry I must say there are few things that I like and dislike about it. There are different things such as talent, character, success, and work ethics that really inspire me. But to Jesse The Boss your Twist Online there are several people in the industry I really like based on these components and their accomplishments.

Twist Online : Do you work according to your plans?
Jesse The Boss : Yes, I always do. Sometimes I’m very spontaneous, and there is magic in that.

Twist Online : Do you have some targets to achieve in your professional career?
Jesse  : Yes. I have an associate degree in network system administration and planned on advancing my studies. But I realized it won’t take me to where I want to be in life, and give me the time and freedom I need to be me. While I figure all this out, I spend more time learning online. Education is a must, but from now, I only go to school for specific things that add to who I am.

Twist Online : What’s the best way to follow you online?
Jesse  : The best way to follow me online are as follow:
Instagram: JesseMan_TheBoss
Facebook fanpage:

I’m currently not often on snap chat and twitter, but here they are for later use.
Snapchat: Jessemantheboss

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