Joe Blessett

Joe Blessett Continues To Prove His Talent Through His Music

Joe Blessett is a Multi-talented artist, who tried his hand at being an entertainer and realized his own limitations. He no longer performs live shows, but he still loves creating Jazz, to RnB, Smooth Jazz to Fusion, experimental recordings.Working from his private studio for his own record label and publishing company “Joe Blessett Music”.

Most musicians enjoy performing live. But, there are some musicians who prefer to write and record without performing live.  Joe Blessett is one of these musicians. An artist who has composed and recorded many albums while working within his own limits and inside his studio. That has polished his talent much more as a musician can only take out his inner skills and hidden talent when he works inside his studio experimenting on new tunes and lyrics. And Joe Blessett is a perfect example of that. His recent music video will surely prove that everything I have written in his praise is correct.

For more information about Joe Blessett or to follow him here are the links to his website and social media accounts.

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