Jon King’s recent Album Road Maps is superb !

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Over the past 14 years, Jon King has made more than 10,000 beats. As a music producer – collaborating with two-time Emmy-winning artists year after year – he’s put in the work that it takes to make a successful career … a thousand times over. In fact, it’s that very idea that led to his stage name, Thousand Times.

Jon King
His most recent display of that work is a new album called “Road Maps,” and one of the album’s singles – “Day and Night,” an upbeat pop-inspired track that’s been building momentum currently has 1.2 million plays. The album features electronic music with a hip-hop aesthetic – all couched within a positive, uplifting message that says, “If you focus, work hard and follow your dreams; the sky is the limit.” It’s an album he’s extremely proud of, having created all the tracks for every song and collaborating with some of the country’s hottest up-and-coming artists.


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