Justice impresses again with Voice of the Voiceless (We Need Justice)

Justice is back again with another heart throbbing number. Single Voice of the Voiceless (We Need Justice) is melodious and well-shaped track. The song is about world issues, such as poverty, war, corruption, discrimination. It will keep you engaged from the beginning to the very end.

Track also features Erinski, Sincurr & Akeem Williams. Justice does the first verse of the track. Erinski feature in track as chorus and second verse, while Sincurr does third verse and Akeem does the singing feature verse. All of them help the track become more appealing and tuneful.

Justice and all the featuring artists are professional, accomplished and skillful. And they have put their all skills and experience into their performance to make it rhythmic, exciting and powerful.

If you talk about the lyrics these are  thought-provoking and meaningful. Composition is good as well. You can say everyone involved in the track from Justice to the featuring artists and lyricist have done complete justice with the single. You are definitely gonna love it. Track is available on iTunes.

You can ‘subscribe to justice’s website at www.iamjustice.net. Or for further updates you can follow him on twitter @iamjusticeuk and instagram iamjusticeofficial.


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