Justin Beiber’s Producer chooses teen songstress Shannon K for latest collaboration

When legendary producer of Justin Bieber decides to work with a new artist, that is a very big sign that this is someone to watch! Shannon K is the teenager pop singer who just recorded her new song “A Long Time” with Poo Bear!

Shannon K music artist

“This song means so much to me since it was a very unexpected and surprising experience. I never imagined myself working with such a great producer at this young age so It was truly an honor. I had so much fun and I got to learn so many things from him as a songwriter and as an artist.” Shannon K says of the experience of working with Justin Beiber’s long time collaborator Poo Bear.

She also described the enthusiasm of Poo Bear and his professionalism during the entire project – and how this affected their entire collaboration.

“He tested me as well because I didn’t know what I was gonna sing till I got to the studio which was new for me. He was so enthusiastic about it that it really helped me to get through the whole process. I couldn’t believe when he said he’s willing to work with me again! It was truly the best day of my life.”

Shannon K music artist

The Song has been getting incredible following organically through her growing fan base and her new video the same.

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