Kathy Ingraham releases Single “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do”

Multi-talented artist Kathy Ingraham has recently released an original jazz standard single titled “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do”. A beautiful and melodious single featuring jazz legend Pete Levin on piano is a treat to listen. Impressive enough to make us write a review of this track here. But first of all let’s tell you a little more about the artist.

Kathy Ingraham is a vastly experienced vocalist who has performed in so many commercials for TV and radio. She has done commercials for multinational companies such as McDonald’s, Chrysler, ABC Network, Coke, Pepsi etc. Since 2014 she has been performing as an artist as well.

In last 5 years she has done several solo projects and singles, working with an impressive roster of artists and composers including Grammy-winning composer Henri Krieger, Luther Vandross, Meatloaf, Marc Cohn, Michael Bolton, Richie Havens, Michael Kamen. In each and every project she has proved how much talent and potential she got.

This is a great song and performance. The melody is strong and tuneful. The singer has an attractive vocal tone, and puts real feeling into the lyrics. The lyrics are interesting and meaningful with some punchy phrases. Instrumentally, the song has a rich, full accompaniment that complements the vocal track perfectly.

Jazz legend Pete Levin was on the piano and he has performed exceptionally well. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. Overall, the song is distinctive and original, and I think it has strong commercial potential. Kathy is proving, what’ she is up to. Surely she is going to be on top of the charts soon.

You can listen to “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do” on SoundCloud and check out her website at www.kathyingraham.com.

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