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King Cavalli Talks About His Music And Book ’24 & DIVORCED’

We are sharing here our recent interview with a multi talented artist King Cavalli, who is now author of a book as well. We had a very interesting conversation with him about his recently released Album ‘Wounded’ and his book ’24 & Divorced’.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music?
King Cavalli : Leonardo Cavalli aka KING CAVALLI (artist name) is an award winning business expert, published Author/ Singer/ Song writer Director/ Motivational Speaker/Model/ Actor, and Love & Life Coach from New York City.
I started doing music after going through my divorce at the age of twenty-four. I fell into a deep dark time in my life,and my therapist was worried about me because I was constantly fighting in bars and getting into trouble. I wanted everyone to feel my pain and depression. I randomly met a great man named PARKER who was a major music producer , and he encouraged and help me channel all my emotions into music. This was the best therapy advice I could have ever gotten!

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you as an artist growing up?
King Cavalli : Growing up I was inspired by artists like
2 PAC. He was raw, real and transparent with his heart. That’s the way I create my music so that people can really get to know me without any filters. By the end of my album you will either love me or hate me, but you WILL respect me for being honest.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming Album “WOUNDED”?
King Cavalli : My new 24 track album WOUNDED goes hand in hand with my book 24 & DIVORCED. This album is unique because it was organically created while I was living out everything that happened in my book. I was never trying to create an album in the first place. I would just be going through something real whether it was being homeless, or having problems with girls, family or God and then I would just go in the booth and record, just pouring my heart out. It was only after I had years of going through ups and downs that my producer PARKER mentioned that I should release all these personal songs I’ve made along with my book. I have a lot more than 24 songs, but the ones I selected tell my story best and complete the picture that my book begins to paint for my fans.

Twist Online : You also released a book, that’s actually your autobiography “24 & DIVORCED”. Tell us about that?
King Cavalli :  My book 24 & DIVORCED: From Tragedy to Triumph is my autobiographical self help book. I created this book because I kept meeting so many young people between the age of 22-40 that were divorced. I wanted to let people know my story of what went wrong and show them what RED FLAGS to watch out for from the beginning while meeting someone. I have even created a list of “The Tough Ten” Twist Onlines you need to ask yourself and your partner before you get married or call it quits. I’ve now dedicated my life to traveling and helping people find love and making it last.
King Cavalli
Twist Online : What’s your music genre?
King Cavalli : On my album you will get all genres including hiphop, pop, trap, but mainly R&B. I have written all the songs on my album except one song that Parker made that fit in with my story. PARKER, who has also produced for artists like Lil Wayne produced 23 out of 24 songs on the album while Chris Human produced the opening song on my album WOUNDED.

Twist Online : What are your future goals as a music artist?
King Cavalli : My future plans are to go on a world tour telling my story and performing my music while spreading love and wisdom!

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
King Cavalli :  My social media is the following:

Facebook: Leonardo Cavalli
InstaGram: @King_Cavalli
Twitter: @King_Cavalli
iTunes : King Cavalli : WOUNDED

Barnes & Noble/Amazon: “Leonardo Cavalli”
24 & DIVORCED: From Tragedy to Triumph

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