Knowing the singer and songwriter J-Mar

Damon Jamar Bostick known by the rap name “J-mar” started his professional life as a footballer but once he came into Music world he has given his all to his songs and song writing. We had an opportunity to had conversation with him . Lets have a look !
Twist Online : How you entered into Music Industry? Is there any story behind?
J-Mar :  How I entered the music industry was something simple .. I’ve loved rap every since the 90s when my dad used to let me listen to nwa and I’ve always loved rap music then so it was easy knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Even though back then I never pursued it like now but I always knew in my mind I wanted to a rapper or something in the music industry because I have a great story to tell and that’s how all my music comes out with passion because it’s heart felt. My dad and uncle were my inspiration I would say simply because they rapped and I would hear stories of how good they were from them or even,other people so I from that moment on I knew I wanted to pursue the same dream they tried to pursue at one point …

Twist Online : We came to know you have been writing poetry since childhood. Is it true?
J-Mar :  I wouldn’t say poetry because I def1tnely would be lying if I said that … But I would scribble lines as if I was writing a rap because I would see it on t.v. or hear other rappers talking about how they jot on a pen and pad so I did it myself .. Except I wasn’t writing anything it was all scribble as if I was writing something.

Twist Online : You have been a footballer. You still miss playing football or music has came over now?
J-Mar :  Yes football was a like … Never a love …But it was a strong like. I played all my life really pursued it in high school … I achieved a lot of honors including 2xall conference, all county, all north/South carolina, league all state and all state honors … As well as 2 tv awards to go along,with invitations to 2 all star games but couldn’t play in either due to shoulder surgery … Had a strong offer from duke but my SAT grades wouldn’t allow me to go there so I ended up going to Virginia union university alongside my brother for a couple months then I dropped out because I realized school is not what I want to do without playing sports … And the music has def1tnely taken over I’m my life as far as that because I have more than a strong like for music. I have a love and a passion for it. Not just to make songs to make dollars. I make everything that comes from the heart and everything real that everybody whether you’re black, white, blue, purple or yellow can relate to ..

Twist Online : Tell us a little about “Imma Get mine” ?
J-Mar :  lmma get mine was solely a song about overcoming the hate basically … And to stop worrying about me or as the title says. Ide what yall do basically imma get mine … My dad actually came up with the name of the song … I through together the concept and it just formed a masterpiece I would say … Even though it’s up tempo and fun, when people actually take the time and,listen to the words they will see I have a message … A strong message in that song.

Twist Online : Is there someone in music industry who is your inspiration?
J-Mar : In the music industry my inspirations are t.1., eminem, tupac,ice cube.

Twist Online : What kind of music you like? Rap, Hip-hop, rock ?
J-Mar : Now for anybody who heard my music would think I like slow and message songs all the time … But all i,listen to is t.1., and tupac really … Then when I’m feeling,a message vibe I throw on Michael Jackson of course ..

Twist Online : What is the motivation behind your work?
J-Mar :  My motivation is def1tnely my family .. My beautiful lady who’s carrying my child right Now .. And people in,poverty or anybody struggling in general I’m doing this for them because I won’t just give a shout out … when I get that chance for the big checks my intentions will be to give back and change lives no matter how I can.

Twist Online : What’s your next project?
J-Mar : I have a lot of projects in the works … I will name them all so y’all can stay tuned for “ayy yo”, “mysterious preacher”, “good days gon away”, “devil’s alive”, “passion”, “Carolinas” … Just stay tuned I’m working on a lot of,great projects 9. My fans can follow me on BDE JAMZ And of,course like me on Facebook by going to J-Mar … Just type J-Mar like the page and you’ll see all,my upcoming events and everything …

Twist Online : How your fans can follow you?
J-Mar : My fans can follow me on BDE JAMZ And of,course like me on Facebook by going to J-Mar … Just type J-Mar like the page and you’ll see all,my upcoming events and everything .. www.bdentertainment.info for shows updates.


Thanks J Mar for such a lovely and lively conversation.

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