Lauren Waller

Lauren Waller, “What If” off her EP ‘No Names Here’

Checkout Lauren Waller’s track , “What If” off her EP ‘No Names Here’.

Lauren Waller is a young singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, California. She recently graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Theater Arts Production and Design but finds passion within music and singing due to the storytelling outlet it possesses. Lauren Waller’s soulful, pop sound, resembling Regina Spektor and Ingrid Michelson, draws listeners in to closely follow the self-penned stories she rhythmically writes.

Waller has previously debuted her first single, “Never Were” on Ireland’s National Television Channel RTE, where Ireland’s celebrity host, Daithi O Se described her as being, “absolutely brilliant, and [singing] from the heart!” Since the debut of her first single, she has come out with two EP’s, Perhaps and No Names Here. The later, No Names Here breaches the inner-workings of every relationship, questioning loyalty, love, and trust. Each song is woven with catchy lyrics, powerful vocals, and hip-shaking beats.

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