“Lenixx” A Very Skilled And Talented Soul Singer

Lenixx is a soul singer releasing an album on May 29th titled ‘ Dark Days At Slip Point Ave’. We recently had a conversation with her about her Album and her personal and professional life as well.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of the your music journey?
Lenixx : I started making music really off the whelm of helping my brother create more catchy songs that he was making at the time for his own career. He was impressed by the concepts I was coming up with so he sent me more beats and compositions, then I started writing lyrics and making full length songs.  About 4 months later I went with my brother to record my first song and I was convinced then that a new passion was lit inside of me that I can create music and art- something I had been in love with and fell a sleep to all of my life.  I wasn’t able to verbalize my feelings due to some traumatic experiences  I suffered as a child so when I realized I had a way to speak my emotions and release all that was built up inside of me, I found my sanctuary, my art, my therapy, and I haven’t stopped since.

Twist Online : You are so talented and skilled. How did you acquire such music skills?
Lenixx : Thank you, I think it was something God created in me.  Not to be religious- because I’m not, but I’m proudly spiritual and we are all created with unique talents and gifts that are meant to be discovered within and shared with the world.  I don’t play an instrument but I write my lyrics, melodies and in the last 2 years or so I have been creating my own compositions with instrument sounds or loops in music production software.  Discovering how to compose gave me such a closer relationship with my art, sound, and music in general.  Its so fluid of for me now.  I love it.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming album “Dark Days At Slip Point Ave” .
Lenixx : Well the #DDASPA album was derived from a dark time in my life where I was in a toxic relationship and the emotions surrounding that situation and how I perceived them.  It wasn’t all bad though which is why, half of the album is really light hearted, fun, and sexy.  Then there is the combative confusing deep emotional other half of the album.  It a is a journey, one that most adults have experienced and can connect to in one way or another.
lenixx singerTwist Online : Is there any particular song in the album you liked working on most?
Lenixx : ‘Need You Here’ is one of the songs I originally composed and wrote, has such a contemporary R&B feel and with a tiny bit of jazz elements and that has so much texture I really love it.

Twist Online : What kind of music you like?
Lenixx : I like a lot of contemporary music from the 80’s and 90’s, a lot of eclectic sounds, I’m truly diverse and respect the emotional delivery of a lot of genres.  But Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop has my heart.

Twist Online : Who is your role model in this Music Industry?
Lenixx : Role model? Hmmm! never thought about that but I do know that Sade has always impressed me, of course with her music but also with the way she has kept a private life in the midst of such unique success.

Twist Online : How far you wanna go in music industry? What are your goals?
Lenixx : I’m in this for mainstream success, but not really to be famous as much as success in the music business, a undeniable impacting legacy, and a few grammy awards. I want those truly die-hard fans who are so touched and connected by their discovering my music, lyrics and artistic expression.

Twist Online : Are you planning another project in recent future?
Lenixx : Oh yeah, I have been working on the next 2 albums before this one.  I have a lot of content for those but being an unsigned indie artist I didn’t want those future albums to not get the exposure they are worthy of.  I’m using this project to help propel those.  Not to say this album is a miss, its truly special and gives me my roots and respect of real music lovers.

Twist Online : Are you socially active? How can your fans follow you?
Lenixx : I’m somewhat socially active, I’m a private person so its not like me to feel compelled to share multiple aspects of myself, so it took me a while to get active with social media but I understand its benefits.  Any chance I get to let someone connect and understand my soul, I’m happy with. I can be found all social media @LenixxMusic or on my website www.lenixx.com

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