LETS GO LETS DO IT – New Cubs Hype Video Song 2016 By Cubs Fans

It’s in the air , the Cubs are in POSTSEASON! 2016 is the year we are going all the way!
We are going to WIN! !!

Production Company: http://www.lspmediahub.com/
Producer: Milan Nikolic
Singer: Ivana Lola Salipur
The story about this song begins in Fall of 2003, the year I moved to the great city of Chicago. At that time, the Cubs were playing their soon-to-be heartbreaking series versus the Marlins for the National League Championship. What I noticed at the time was the energy in the air and skyhigh level of enthusiasm carrying the fans. Then, when we lost, it felt like the end of the world. The story about the curse crawled to the surface once again. While watching my fellow Cubs fans being devastated, I wished then that I could do something to break the curse.

Then, in the middle of one winter’s night in 2013, I woke up with the song in my head. I quickly wrote it down, and for the next several years, I worked on it with my friends, a group of all die-hard Cubs fans. We collaborated to make something positive that will hopefully inspire all Cubs fans to harness our collective energy to support the Cubbies, and maybe, just maybe, to help finally end the curse. The finishing touches were made after watching the young guns fight in last year’s run in the playoffs. As our group finished the song, I told myself (like all Cubs fans), “Next year is the year to go for it!” Will the curse be broken this year? I genuinely feel and believe it would this year, and here’s my song to contribute.

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