Lets meet a creative singer & inspiring songwriter ‘Senhit’

Today we have with us Senhit, the Italian-Eritrean singer songwriter. Her most recent single ‘Something on my Mind’ has made a splash on streaming services, and her first full length album will be released later in 2017. Let’s have a chat with her.


Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career?
Senhit : I have been singing since I was a child.
I always enjoyed entertaining guests and family when I was living in my parents’ house. I was singing popular covers of that period. Then I started regular studies at school and during that period I went and participated in a ‘National Karaoke TV show’, which I won! It was a big surprise! I wanted to finish my studies and did some years of college too and was always singing throughout that period. At the end of that I started to consider seriously the opportunity to transform this great passion into a proper professional activity

Twist Online : Are you inspired by someone in the music industry?
Senhit : I never followed any specific artists in particular, or genre definitions. I do listen to a lot of music, all the time. Music can be simply good or bad and I try to sing and stay in the style of what I consider ‘good’

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release ?
Senhit : After major musicals and theatrical productions in and around Europe, I met with top board members at Panini – the well known company that operates in soccer and many other sports publications – and started my solo career.  I feel proud and ready to present ‘Hey Buddy’, my brand new album project due to be released in Italy on April 4th.
I feel proud of it because of the nature and energy of each of the songs and because of the great people, producers and writers that have taken part in it.
I am touring music from the album right now, and this is the best way for me to express my style and energy

Twist Online : Our readers would like to know about your upcoming ‘HeyBuddyTour’?
Senhit : The Hey Buddy European tour debuted last July in Amsterdam at the Melkweg, then Paris last November at the Jazz Etoile Club – a very successful and warm show – and started in the new year with Manchester Sound Control .
Now I am in London on Feb 2nd at the Tabernacle – that is so exciting! Follow that I will go to Berlin.
I have a bunch of dates in Italy around the album release then ready to go to the US! And even Asia in the fall with some Japanese dates already confirmed in October. The full list of gigs is always on my website – follow me and my Hey Buddy adventure!

Twist Online : It seems you love to perform live rather than working in studios?
Senhit : I much prefer the Live experience of course. To work in studio is great and you can focus on precise sound and interpretations, but nothing can give you the deep emotions of a live show. I come from the stage of Disney Musical productions and the feeling of the people in front of you and their vibrations is magic, incomparable.

Twist Online : Do you need some certain environment for writing a song?
Senhit : I don’t call myself a writer but I have worked with some exceptional authors and musicians that made me want to up my game. I contribute to the writing of lyrics , but often I sing songs that they write for me and feel perfectly good about this situation. I learn new things every day sing every day with love and passion, optimism and positivity

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Senhit : My musical genre reflects who I am in full. And it sits somewhere in the range of what you might call Electro Pop and Electro Dance.  Hey Buddy proves that point I think.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?
Senhit : There are no specific goals that I want to achieve, other than to continue to sing, improve myself every single day and keep a sincere and honest passion for this wonderful career. And to pass this onto my fans and followers. Music is the best possible exchange of emotions with people.

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