Lets Meet A Multi-talented Artist Loso DaVinci

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of your professional career.
Loso DaVinci : I was about 13 when I picked up the pen for the first time. Took years before I realized it was a gift. I printed my first mixtape doing more conscious music than now, when I was 16. From then on I knew it was what I wanted to do. I participated in a few groups along the way, and we made 3 more tapes together. I only recently branched out alone and started to take the solo idea serious.

Twist Online : How did you develop such a love for the art and its narration?
Loso DaVinci : It just came to me. I love music. So many different types of music to bring up. I play the acoustic drums and the piano. When I learned as a teen, it enhanced my love and ability to create music. I wrote better knowing that there were patterns that I could follow. When I mastered all of the lessons I learned, my love and passion for the narration grew exceedingly. I have a story to tell, and of course that adds to it. Everybody wants a voice.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent work?
Loso DaVinci : I’m always original. Keeping a positive vibe, speaking life, and always referencing what’s current. Recently, I’ve been sticking to the love of the art. Making songs that I can share. That I can revamp. Songs for the kids, the rebels, and mostly the artists. DaVinci paints pictures, things you can see without seeing. I’ve been branding myself and sticking to that.

Twist Online : What is your best performance so far according to you?
Loso DaVinci : I like all of my material. None more than other and I think that’s the aim. I have so many ideas and things never before seen or heard of. I’m going to implement a whole new thing into hip hop. I have a worst performance I believe, but I’m getting better every minute. I don’t have a best performance. I’m always at my best.

Twist Online : Is there anyone you are inspired of?
Loso DaVinci : Yes of course. My childhood inspiration was Buju Banton. As I grew older I started to really feel everything Dr. Dre and NWA was about. I love “The Chronic Album.” I always see get a lot of inspiration from people from my hometown. People whom you most likely don’t know, but they spark drive in me like you’ll never understand. Family is what I’m all about. My son inspires me so much. Children are so worry free and they never worry about tomorrow. That’s inspiring.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre? any particular reason?
Loso DaVinci : Hip Hop. It’s everywhere. It’s grown. Everybody feels it. Our ancestors speak through it.

Twist Online : What’s your goal in life you want to achieve next?
Loso DaVinci : I want to be an investor. So many small businesses that I want to help out. I want to be known enough to make a known difference. I want to change something that the world will feel. Even if it’s me, if the world will understand, I’m fine with that. But change is necessary.

Twist Online : Any new project you are working on?
Loso DaVinci : A few of them. But I don’t like to spoil the harvest so I stay quiet. Soon we’ll all get the “Picture.”

Twist Online : Are you on Social Media? Your fans would love to follow you.
Loso DaVinci : Yes of course. Loso DaVinci on Facebook, IG, and on twitter

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